New North Carolina football coach Larry Fedora says the Tar Heels must get the top high school players/recruits in this state

New Tar Heel football coach Larry Fedora said today…..

“Of the top 15 high school football players in the state of North Carolina, none of them are committed to North Carolina and that’s crazy.”

CLICK HERE to read more/read all of what Larry Fedora was saying to Mark Thomas of 620AM The Buzz, in the Triangle….


  1. Gee, Larry, I wonder why this year’s high school seniors don’t want to go to UNC? Could it be because the school will be on probation for most of their college careers?

  2. Gee Larry probably the same reason that no coach with any sense whatsoever stayed far away from this job.

  3. You boys are going to really miss the Butch Davis years. You made zero strides in recruiting in NC when you have had a chance to jump us. The NCAA mess is just about over. Fedora’s enthusiasm will make TOB look like an even bigger bore than he is.
    Your orgasmic fantasy of Carolina being buried just is not going to happen and you know it deep down.
    And your only comeback is 5-0.

  4. Look for the 6-PACK in Kenan next November.
    TOB can bore the hell out of UNC fans for all I care as long as he keeps kicking their tails.
    UNC may not doesn’t have to get buried to suit me. They can stay right where they are and it is just fine.
    They are still an underachieving football program. They are wasting the talent they can bring into their program.
    The talent is starting to realize that this is not the best destination to improve as a player.

  5. I meant to say that UNC football does not have to get buried to suit me.Sorry about the typo.
    Have the UNC fans found a place to hang their annual recruiting banner in February?
    UNC wins in February—-NC State wins in November. I am ok with this trend continuing.
    The motto of the state of North Carolina is “To be rather than to seem”.
    The motto of the University of North Carolina is “To seem rather than to be.”

  6. Where did Amerson and his talent get in this conversation?
    He is NOT wasting talent playing for TOB.The wasting talent thing was about the UNC program which Amerson IS NOT A PART OF.
    He will not only get to the next level, he could be a multiple pro bowler.

  7. Do State fans ever worry about what’s going on in Raleigh or just what goes on in Chapel Hill? Carolina has an energetic, offense-minded coach who will hopefully spark them to greater results. They will get the majority of talent from NC that doesn’t go out of state, I just hope they utilize it a bit more. Beating State next year should happen at home, I’ll be upset if they lose for the 6th time in a row.

    I can’t wait to see what Renner, Benard, Boyd, Highsmith and our local boy Ebron do in this type of offense. I really feel Ebron will shine.

  8. Carolina leads the football and basketball series by alot. So all these state fans need to be quiet until they catch up. So this means we will never hear from them again. Tar-Heels Tar-Heels Tar-Heels

  9. Sorry holes but the Pack has too much returning on both offense and defense to lose to UNC next Fall.
    The 6PACK will happen in Kenan next November as was stated earlier.
    Mr Hat wants the top NC players to play for him but he has not had time to accomplish this.
    Also he likes to take junior college players which will be hard to recruit facing a possible 2 year bowl ban.
    5 in a row holes—–and it will be 6 in November of 2012.There is now absolutely no UNC player on their roster that has ever experienced beating NC State and there is no Pack player that has ever experienced losing to the holes.Since you clowns like ancient history so much why don’t you count how many times the Spartans defeated Athens?

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