Power Team Sales/Greensborosports.com Player of the Year for 2011

We hope to have a grid set up where you can vote here at the site and we will try and get that up and ready here later in the week….For now you can vote once from the players below, for the Power Team Sales/Greensborosports.com High School Football Player of the Year……Voting will run from today through January 8…..(End of the first week of January)….Gives us right at four weeks of solid voting….The winner will receive a huge Heisman Type trophy which is a large gold football on a fine wooden base and it is big, but not gaudy….Daniel Downing was our winner last year and he could foreseeably win again this year, thus pulling off the rare Archie Griffin move, by being one of the few to win an award such as this, for two years in a-row….I don’t have a stake in who wins, but if there is any necessary criteria or judgement needed at the end of all the voting, I will take care of all that and make the final countdown/verdict…..E-mail me with those votes to andy@greensborosports.com, again, that’s andy@greensborosports.com…..We will run updates at the end of week, as the deadline for voting approaches…..Again, if there are any questions, we will handle them and votes will taken along with inquiries at andy@greensborosports.com……

Cast your vote/votes from the following choices……For now and until further notice, send those votes to andy@greensborosports.com…..

Weely Winners for 2011 include:
Previous Player of the Week Winners:
Week One Winner:James Summers(Page)
Week Two Winner:Reid Baxter(NWG)
Week Three Winner:Ryan Johnston(NG)
Week Four Winner:Ray Bridges(SWG)
Week Five Winner:Garrison Herndon(Ragsdale)
Week Six Winner:Duncan Sparks(Ragsdale)
Week Seven Winner:Northwest Guilford Offensive Line
Week Eight Winner:Matt Pawlowski(Northwest Guilford)
Week Nine Winner:Tyler Hunt(Eastern Guilford)
Week Ten Winner:Woody Cornwell(High Point Central)
Week Eleven Winner:Richard Hayes(Dudley)
Week Twelve Winner:T.J. Logan(Northern Guiford)
Week Thirteen Winner:Daniel Downing(Northern Guilford)/Drew Rogers(Page)
Week Fourteen Winner:Shaun Workinger(Page)
Week Fifteen Winner:Blake Hickman(Page)
Week Sixteen Winner:Savon Wall(Page)


  1. So….if I understand this “process” correctly, it’s not a few professionals or people who are knowledgeable in rating H.S, football players such as coaches, analysts, collegiate players or anyone like that who pools all of the candidates individual achievements together, then votes; it’s people such as little ol’ me who deduces this to merely a popularity contest?
    Gosh…I feel so honored!

    Whelp…..if my vote counts more than once, I’ll be voting as much as possible to make sure either James Summers or a Page Pirate wins. #justsayin

  2. We run it for the most part the same way in the post-season as we did in the regular season…The fans have the call…If any questionable calls come up, our staff can handle it…..The coaches vote on the All-Conference teams and most of the media vote on the All-State teams….The fans get a chance to speak out here and they really came on strong here last year when they named Daniel Downing the Player of the Year……A couple of years ago it was a team award to the Dudley Panthers…..The NWG offensive line could win it this year…..

    I like to see the fans have a voice in these votes…..If you have a player you feel should win, get started with your voting…..This is your shot, to make your vote count….

  3. TJ Logan Hands down……just check the stats…..5 tds in state championship game…43 on the year….

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