High School Hoops Tonight with NG at NEG:Nighthawks knock Rams from the ranks of the Unbeatens

Northern Guilford(NG) 56
Northeast Guilford(NEG) 54

NEG(4-1)/NG(4-2)…..Northern had Patrick Chandler grabbing scoring honors with 18 points, T.J. Logan had 13, Priouleau had 11 and John McBeth pumped in 8 points…..NEG Rams led by Grant Griffin with 14 points, Trevon Williamson had 9 and it was Jesse Simpson, Mohammad Tijani and Donovan Gilmore with 8 each….

4th Q:….1:00
NEG 54
NG 54

4th Q….2:00
NG 53
NEG 52

4th Q…3:00
NG 51
MEG 50

4th Q…..4:00
NG 49
NEG 44

4th Q:….5:00
NG 47
NEG 44

4th Q….6:00
NG 44
NEG 44

4th Q….7:00
NG 42
NEG 41

End of 3rd Q….
NG 40
NEG 38

3rd Q…:56 seconds
NG 37
NEG 36

3rd Q…4:09
NG 33
NEG 31

3rd Q…5:34
NG 31
NEG 27

NG 28
NEG 25

2nd Q:
NEG 16
NG 16

2nd Q:
NEG 15
NG 10

End of 1st Q:
NG 10

>NG 54
NEG 31

End of 3rd Q:
NG 43
NEG 24

Northern Guilford 32
NEG 18


  1. Watched Tyler Lewis from Oak Hill play on ESPN? All I can say is WOW! Playing #2 ranked team in nation from Georgia. Kid can play w/ anyone in country. Can get to lane or rim anytime he wants to and on anyone guarding him. Best passer I’ve seen in a long time.

  2. Sometimes we are who we are !! I have always told my kids that you need to be at least average in everything, but you must find something you are the best. This will separate you from the group and assure some level of success in this world. Nobody can do it all but only the best or those willing to put in the work will separate from the group. Most people are satified with being average either because they don’t want to put in the work or it’s just easier. Thus, if you put in the work, then you should be rewarded when your work is put on the proper stage for viewing.

    Back to Tyler Lewis – John Stockton was considered an average to below average defender but yet he is considered amongst the best of all time. Magic Johnson was considered an average defender but yet he is considered amongst the best of all time. And Pete Maravich was never considered a good defender but that is not why you watched. The bottomline is that Tyler must first do 1 thing that gets the attention of those that matter because they are not looking for the complete package at that level. He has obviously done that with his ability to move the ball, secure the ball and put the ball in the basket. If he improves defensively, then that is a credit to his desire to get better but I can assure you that at this point in his career it will not keep him from playing for State early as a freshman or nor hurt his opportunity to get paid for his basketball skill set one day – just ask John, Magic and Pete.

  3. His coach at Oak Hill said he has put 9 point guards in the NBA. He says Tyler is a better passer than all those except Rajon Rondo now with Celtics.

    I’m sure Tyler size on D will hurt him the further up the ladder he climbs but he will be adequate and have plenty of help D behind him. But he is a pleasure to watch at HS level. Hopefully, his success continues at NC State.

    Is Oak Hill playing in Greensboro this year?

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