Guilford Orthopaedic HS Basketball Polls for 12/16/11

The Guilford Orthopaedic Polls…..

Boys Public School Poll:
2)Northeast Guilford(4-1)
3)Southwest Guilford(5-1)
5)High Point Andrews(7-1)
8)Western Guilford(4-4)
10)TIE:Southeast Guilford(5-3)/Northwest Guilford(3-3)

Girls Public School Poll
1)Western Guilford(8-0)
4)Southeast Guilford(7-1)
6)Southwest Guilford(5-3)
7)Northern Guilford(5-2)
8)High Point Andrews(4-5)
9)High Point Central(3-4)
10)Northwest Guilford(2-4)

Boys Private School Poll
1)High Point Christian(9-0)
2)Greensboro Day School(10-1)
4)New Garden Friends School(8-4)
5)Bishop McGuinness(5-1)

Girls Private School Poll
1)Thomasville Prep(14-0)
2)Bishop McGuinness(7-0)
3)Greensboro Day School(8-1)
4)High Point Christian Academy(3-1)

BOYS Combined Poll:
1)High Point Christian(9-0)
2)Greensboro Day School(10-1)
5)Northeast Guilford(4-1)
6)Southwest Guilford(5-1)
8)High Point Andrews(7-1)
10)New Garden Friends School(8-4)

*****We will look at our first GIRLS combined poll next week…..*****


  1. Southwest Guilford girls will win that conference. That is the worst conference which features Northwest Guilford, Parkland, Highpoint Central, Glen, East Forsyth and Ragsdale: It has a combined record of 9-35 going into games today.

    Dudley division has the best record this season which they will win out right: Thieir conference record is combine 41-15.

  2. No offense to HPCA, they have a great team with several talented players and a great coach in Coach Clifford, but there is no way they should be ranked over GDS. They have played well and taken care of business so far this year, but haven’t played half the schedule GDS has played. Their top wins come against a depleted Charlotte Christian team and a Body of Christ team without UNC commit Isiah Hicks (eligibility issues). GDS on the other hand has played the number 1 team in the state in 3A (Christ School) and lost by 3 in a game they could’ve easily won. They have beat Ravenscroft, another ranked 3A team with several D1 recruits, they have beat 1A ranked Greenfield squad with a Wake Forrest commit, UNC Asheville commit, and several other potential recruits, and they beat a very solid UNC JV team in the dean dome. Bottom Line, is HPCA a very talented team that will go far this year? YES Are they as tested or as good as GDS right now? NO.

  3. Spoken to 3 people that I respect that have seen both teams more than once. All 3 agree with Andy. One was a coach that has played them both. Being tested doesn’t necessarily mean they are better. How can you argue a team that is 9-0 that no one has even played semi-close isn’t better than GDS. You have no basis for that argument. Let it go. Look at common opponents and reason how GDS is so much better.

  4. Got word that GDS won tonight by about 50 over Hickory Grove. Don’t know the score. Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, the teams will settle on the court. Really doesn’t even matter what they do in regular season. Both teams should be eyeing a state title or at least an opportunity at one.

  5. I am still waiting for an explanation on how NW girls are seeded #2 in the Little Four? Has the committee lost their minds that any reasonable basketball fan believe this is accurate. Ok they won the whole thing last year, but remember Smith won it the year before and was seeded 5 or 6 the following year. They are ranked in last place in current countywide polls but #2 in Little Four? That is a joke!!!!22

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