Friday Night Sharp Shooters

Special to……


1. Brandi Robinson: Smith: 25 pts: beginning to become the best inside player in
area. Beat Western Guilford 64-40
2. Roxanne Henshall: Grimsley: 23 pts: the lone bright spot for this team
3. Micquala Jenkins: High Point Central: 19 pts: not a very good Central team
4. Hailey Chandler: Southern Guilford: 18 pts: another good outing in close loss
Hadara Bannister: Highpoint Christian: 18 pts: team is 7-1
5. Kara Shutt: Southeast Guilford: 17 pts: enuff of the Shay Show and more of the
Shutt Show in win against Souther Alamance
Autumn Carter: Rockingham: 17 pts: Elon signee reaches 1000th career point in
win against Eastern Guilford
Imani Watkins: Andrews: 17 pts: good player
Anna Massey: Wesleyan: 17 pts: good performance in loss
6. Brittany Clency: Western Guilford: 16 pts: another night at the office in loss
to Smith
7. Tanesha Conner: Greensboro Day: 15 pts: fiery guard led he way to victory
Tamara Thorpe: Greensboro Day: 15 pts: been doing a good job all season long in
the paint
8. October Campbell: Andrews: 14 pts: heating up in December and no tricks or treats
Jessica Jackson: Highpoint Christian: 14 pts: at the round table
Imani Atkinson: Wesleyan: 14 pts: in loss to Charlotte Latin
9. Victoria Mcgee: NWG: 13 pts: good outing is what is turning out to be an
underachieving team year thus far
10. Zhan Greer: Smith: 12 pts: solid job in win and team off to best start in years
Kayla Johnson: Page: 12 pts: another good outing in win against Grimsley


1. Daniel Kanakanui: Ragsdale: 22 pts: Mele Kaliki Maki to you as well (Merry
Christmas in Hawaii)
Hunter Clary: NWG: 22 pts: The Gunslinger fires again
2. Brandon Clyborn: SWG: 21 pts: season’s best scoring performance
Jalen Ford: Andrews: 21 pts: the right player to run coach Seagraves offense 8-1
Kanayo Obi Rapu Jr.: 21 pts: hate to be him if dad got mad and had to call his
whole name!
3. Montay Brandon: 20 pts: Wesleyan: Florida State signee help team to 7-2 mark


  1. Andy,
    I have not heard your thoughts about the Pizza Hut Invitation seeding. It seems everyone agrees with the boys seeding but there seems to be a lot of disagreement with the girls seeding. What do you ? If I remember correctly, you thought Page, Smith, and GDS were your pre-tournament favorites for the girls. How does the tournament come up with its seeding ? I think you felt like favorites for the boys were GDS, NE and possibly Smith.

  2. So let me get this straight for the girls – if Dudley beat Smith – Smith beat Western & SE – Western beat SW – SW beat NW – Northern beat Eastern – everybody beat Ragsdale, NE and Grimsley and we will findout about NW and Northern tonight. Thus, based on this logic – here would be the actual power ratings for local public girl schools – #1 Dudley, #2 Smith, #3 Western, #4 SE and SW tied #6 winner of Northen vs NW, #7 loser of NW vs Northern tonight, #8 Eastern (NW #8 if they lose by more than 5 to Northern & Eastern becomes #7), #9 thru #10 Ragsdale or Grimsley and #11 NE.

  3. So let me get this straight for the girls – if Dudley beat Smith – Smith beat Western & SE – Western beat SW – SW beat NW – Northern beat Eastern – everybody beat Ragsdale, NE and Grimsley and we will findout about NW and Northern tonight. Thus, based on this logic – here would be actual power ratings for local girl schools – #1 Dudley, #2 Smith, #3 Western, #4 SE and SW tied #6 winner of Northen vs NW, #7 loser of NW vs Northern tonight, #8 Eastern (Eastern #8 ahead of NW if Northern wins by more than 8 pts), #9 thru #10 Ragsdale or Grimsley and #11 NE.

  4. Imani Watkins has some good athleticism but still has a way to go as far as the overall game itself. Needs to develope a more consistent jump shot as well as understanding the game from a skill set. Many players have athleticism but that will take a player only so far when it comes to beiing offered a college scholarship as it compares to other players across the nation that are in consideration for that same scholarship and position. Normally if you are really one of their top priorities they would have offered already. If they have already offered then what would be the hold up?

  5. New Garden Friends School won their first game in the Coaches versus Cancer Tournament in Abington, PA. They play the host Abington team in the finals tonight.

  6. When will Andy speak to the girls Little Four seeding? Appears NW girls got a inside connection on the committee? How about Andy?

  7. I’ll have to go back and re-post my pre-tournamenet pairings for you…Should have time on Sunday I hope….Battery getting ready to go dead on computer tonight…

  8. Andy – if you are going to to re-post your pre-tournament pairings for the Little 4, do you want to make an predictations about your top 5 or 10 players for the tournament for both boys and girls? In fact, who would make your top 10 list of performers for the first 1/4 of the season for all school in the area (public, private, Guilford, Rockingham or wherever) ?

  9. I asked one of the tournament coaches how is the seeding determined. He said it is determined by a vote from each tournament head coach. Thus, whether you are #1 or #8, it is the product of the average vote cast for your team. The coaches obviously think GDS is #1 for the boys and Page #1 for the girls. Many have noted how crazy it is that the NW girls are #2 and after seeing how they performed against SW and Northern with only 2 wins on the year, I think NW is clearly a #5 or #6 seed. The bottom 3 teams for the girls just don’t have the talent to compete. NW has some talent but it is not coming together. I think the boys side of the bracket is fairly matched. The 2nd round match ups of GDS vs Northern and NE vs Smith will be some really big match ups.

  10. I tried to leave two posts here last night and the Catchaphrase caught me two times since maybe my comments were too long or took too long to compose….

    Here is what I was saying about the Seedings last Monday, before they came out last Tuesday afternoon…

    Boys you should see 1)GDS, 2)NEG, 3)Page, 4)Smith…..Middle of the pack Northern(5) and possibly NWG(6)…..Let’s go Grimsley(7) and then Ragsdale(8)….You could see any of those top 3-4 teams in the finals and GDS is very deep, but so is NEG and Page is extremely quick and Smith is not as deep, but they do have Tracy Gathings and Drew Williams and the outside shooting of Adrian Wimbush…..GDS and NEG would make a great final and remember Page was in the finals last year and NWG upset #1 GDS in Round One and then Northern knocked off #2 NEG, also in Round One….Northern and PAGE ended up in the Championship Game and NWG and Ragsdale played for third place…..

    On the girls end we shoud see something with Page, GDS, and Smith up there at the top and then Northern and Northwest in the middle of the pack and Ragsdale, Grimsley and NEG in the lower tier…..

    Pretty much on it for the boys and then you see what I was saying about the girls…Missed the boys at the Smith and Page flip and they will decide that on Tuesday with Page at Smith….

    I will have more details on the girls coming out in another comment to follow this one….Can’t be in this box too long, Catchaphrase may try to take me down again….

  11. Page girls at Smith will be a good determiner on Tuesday night….Boys game with Page at Smith should show us a lot too…

    Girls to watch at Pizza Hut will be Paris Kea, Kayla Johnson and Chelsey Coleman from Page….Brandi Robinson, Quon Greer, Jo Jo Phillips and Brianna Lynn from Smith….Thorpe, Wilkerson, Rogers, Conner and more from GDS….Amanda, Aliyah and Alexis from NG, plus Munson, Harper, Burrell and others from NWG and Henshaw from Grimsley, Darnell from Ragsdale and King from NEG….

    Should be a very good tournament and in hindsight now probably should have gone, Page, Smith, GDS, NG, NWG, Ragsdale, Grimsley and NEG…..

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