Greensboro Day vs. SWG(Boys Basketball at NWG)

Greensboro Day School 91
Southwest Guilford 77


Two big threes for SWG and now 91-75 GDS real late in 4th…..

Two more Jalen Ross free throws for GDS….90-66 GDS……

86-63 GDS with 3 mins. remaining…..

Q Williama for GDS with 2 more….Reed Lucas for 2 and now GDS 85-61 over SWG….3:30 left to play……

81-57 GDS mid-way through the 4th Q……

Layup Ross for GDS, free throw Ross and GDS 77-57 over SWG…..

Murphy for SWG and then right back and Goldston for GDS and 74-55 GDS…4th Q…

End of 3rd Q:
Greensboro Day School 72
Southwest Guilford 48

Quay Williams free throw for GDS and Reggie Dillard back on the court for the Bengals…..70-46 GDS….

SWG three and now 67-43 GDS….1:30 3rd Q…..

GDS 67-40 over SWG…..

Two more free throws for Clyburn SWG and then another GDS three by Goldston….Goldston free throw….and another FT for GDDS….

Layup Montrell Goldston GDS….60-36 GDS…..3:30 3rd Q…..Two free throws Clyburn SWG…..62-38 GDS…..

Two free throws Braxton Daye for SWG….54-36 GDS….Injured player GDS…Reggie Dillard…Walked off the court slowly….Dillard to the locker room with trainer John Schneer….

54-34 GDS….Early 3rd Q….

Second half under way….Two for Clyburn…1 free throw….3-0 SWG run and then a three pointer by Reed Lucas for GDS….

Greensboro Day School 49
Southwest Guilford 28

Montrell Goldston with 16 points for GDS and Reed Lucas with 15pts….

Lucas two more to close out the first half….Reed Lucas must be at 20-plus at halftime for the Bengals….

Lucas two more GDS 43-26 Bengals….1:04 2nd Q…..

Dillard to Lucas GDS for two more….41-24 GDS over SWG….

3:12 2nd Q:GDS 37-24 over SWG…..

Track meet….GDS 35-24…

Clyburn for two for SWG…32-20 GDS….4:00 2nd Q….

4:32 2nd Q:GDS 29-18….Quayshad Williams warming up for GDS,,,,

Jalen Ross for 2…GDS 26=15….

End of 1st Q:
GDS 25
SWG 15…

22-15 GDS….Dillard and Williams GDS…
16-15 GDS….1:33 1at…
2:33 1ST q:16-13 GDS…..
14-12 GDS…
14-9 GDS….
Herbie Brdges for 3 SWG…9-7 GDS…
Dillard for three(GDS)
Lucas with quick buckets….6-4 GDS….
Foul on Clyburn(SWG)


  1. Southwest runs up and down the court with no set offwense. Just run and gun. Very quick and athletic but not real disciplined. It was a very hard game to referee with all the pressing and close guarding. GDS had as much as a 25? point lead. That was a good game for GDS prior to the Little 4. I t was a run and gun game. Dale is right, score not a sclose as it was.

  2. Great game for the Bengals. Dominated from the tip. I think SW outscored GDS by 11 in the last two minutes to make it look respectable. Montrell Golston had a career game and Reed Lucas might have missed one shot. Too much size, discipline and d from the Bengals. SW plays really hard. They have a nice team just a little wild. Too careless with the ball to beat a team like GDS. This GDS team could be really good!!!

  3. Coach J should be getting close to setting the state record for wins Public or Private. Does any of the GDS fans know where he stands with that? I was thinking I heard at the beginning of the season that the record would be broken during or just after the PHI.

  4. For your information private schools can not reruit either. They suspended Mugsy Bogues school he coaches in Charlotte for recruiting, so know what you are talking about before you spout off. Every kid at Caldwell, GDS,HPCA and Wesleyan chose to go there. If the Guilford County Schools would get their act together this would not happen

  5. You can’t compare public school and private school win loss records. Many private schools play over 30 regular season games a year while public schools are limited to 23. That is 7 to 10 games more a year over a 35 year career like Coach Johnson has had is 245 to 350 more games played than a public school coach. He ought to have more wins, especially with the overall weak schedule they play every year.

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