Forget the other plays:We may have just uncovered the craziest/wildest play in college football/sports history….I still can’t believe this one….Cal-Stanford’s got nothing on these boys!!!

I just watched the video and I still don’t believe it….This has to be the ‘Play of the Year’….I watched it for the first time with the sound down and that probably allowed me to watch it more intently…This is unreal….The ball must have changed hands 20-25 times on that last play……

Trinity vs. Millsaps in DIII College football and if you haven’t see it yet, again let me tell you, you won’t believe it….Never seen nothing like this one….Cal-Stanford’s got nothing on these boys….Has this play been on ESPN yet? If not should have been and I’ll stop yapping now and let you go see it for yourself….If you haven’t seen this one before, you are in for a treat….This will be like an early Christmas gift for 2011, when you CLICK HERE…..

We need to get the Brian’s to load this one up and show it on WFMY NEWS 2 Sports on Christmas Day….This is the way I like to see football and any sport played…Maximize the play and make it run as long as possible……This is unreal and you can see it again when you CLICK HERE….

Tell Eric Chilton to show this one on the weather since we won’t have snow for Christmas and maybe Kevin Connolly and Danny Harnden will put this one on FOX 8 Sports, or Kenny Cox/Knox or Carr over at WXII TV 12 Sports or Bryan Fenley will show it to you on the late night sports, on the tele……

This is the best play that I have seen in a long, long, time….Thank-you Ronnie Yow of the Gibsonville Yows(Ronnie, Debbie, Susan, and the memory of Kay) for sending this our way….I’ve got to go back and check it out again with the sound up, but watching this sound down, really makes you pay attention and we all could stand to do more of that….

Trinity-Millsaps Football DIII-style, thanks for the memories and it makes you think that Bill Slayton(Southeast Guilford HS) is back in town running the football show……

That is one for the ages there, and that is a fact….

What do you have to say, about that play??? In reality or totality, was it legal and can you believe that there were NO FLAGS on that play, UNREAL….I kind of got tired watching it/tracking it…..

Still, UNREAL!!!!!

CLICK HERE to watch it one more time…….

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  1. Can you believe what you are seeing??? How many times did that football change hands on that play? I counted 16 times, but I may have missed one….When the ball took a bounce on that last lateral and bounced right back up to the runner perfectly, that had to be some kind of fate…..

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