HS Hoops Tonight for 12/22/11(Finals on GDS-West Stokes and Page-Ragsdale boys)

Page 70
Ragsdale 51

Page scoring:Frank Eaves led the way with 20 points….The Pirates got 9 points each from Justin Conner, Lance Brown and James Summers….Xavier Hill-Mais added 6 points for Page…..

Ragsdale scoring:Bryan Rouse was tops with 14 points, Joseph Bryant and Daniel Kanakanus had 9 a-piece and then James Stepp chipped in 7pts. for the Tigers…..

Three-pointer by #31 for Page….70-46 PAGE….1:46 to play…

Layup by Lance Brown(Page) and that has it 67-46 Page….

Bank shot by Lance Brown for Page and that makes it 65-43 Page with 3:03 to play…

Fast break layup by Jalen Gavin and a shot for two by Joe Pantuso on the other end for Ragsdale and it stands at 63-40 PAGE with 3:33 left….

Off-the-backboard pass from Gavin to Summers for two for Page and now 58-37 Page….5:21 remaining in the game….

Mais pass from Summers and two more for Page….56-36 Page…6:10 remaining in the game….

Break-away layup Jalen Gavin for PAGE…..52-36 Pirates….

Bucket by Mais for Page….End of 3rd Q:
Page 50
Ragsdale 36

Very fast-paced game….1:02 left in 3rd Q….48-35 Page…

Assist Frank Eaves with basket Lance Brown for Page…..48-32 Page…3:13 3rd Q….

Put-back Justin Conner….Page now up 46-30 with 4:12 left in 3rd Q…..

Justin Conner two more for Page and then a Bryson Fonville tip-in…..Page up 44-30….5:46 left in 3rd Q….

Brian Spain two for Page…Two more….37-28 Page 49 seconds into 3rd Q….

Page 33
Ragsdale 28

GDS 75
West Stokes 39


Mid-way 4th Q:
GDS 73
West Stokes 31

End of 3rd Q:
GDS 68
West Stokes 26

GDS running…63-24 GDS….

Two by W Stokes and then a three by Goldston….57-20 GDS…..

Julian Sampah tough insiDe tonight for GDS….Steal on inbounds by JT Terry and layup….Two by Goldston….54-16 GDS….

Greensboro Day School 46
West Stokes 14

2nd Q:
Greensboro Day School 36
West Stokes 11


  1. Ragsdale must have had 30 turnovers. They couldn’t get in any sets and settled for jumpers. Bad basketball!

  2. Ragsdale had no adjustment at halftime. Thought I was watching a Rec game. Ragsdale IV team had a little guard who honestly was the Best ball handler in both games. He knew how to run the point. Andy, this PG needs to be at GDS. I heard he is a Gater player. Andy what’s his name is 10. Can’t wait to beatdown next week.

  3. Andy, the Ragsdale PgG Dale is asking about is I believe is Colin Lipke.He is a solid running the offense and rarely turns it over. He played really well with the Gaters this past AAU season.Will he be next good player to leave the Dale?

  4. Everyone knows that Dale is an idiot and to not believe a word he says.

    I haven’t seen Ragsdale play this year but GDS is a great, great defensive team. Should be a fun Little 4 match up.

    Page with Summers back in the line up is very, very good. Northern vs Page will be a great 1st round match up. I think they were in the championship game last season.

  5. I think you guys are right about the Lipke kid…..Very good young basketball player…..He will keep getting better in time….Also watch out for the Langley kids over at SWG…..They have a busload of them coming through and they all know the game….

  6. To Hoops Fan and others:
    I accomplish my goal every single time I say something to get you fish to BITE. I love my Bengals just the way you pandering fools like your teams. We’ll be putting another notch in our Pizza Hut belts next week, so “eat your hearts out”. ┼áz

  7. ….and you put $$$ in Andy’s pockets because of the clicks it brings to his “blog”.

    GDS has a great team. They are very well coached and have good players. It should be a fun Pizza Hut.

  8. I watched this kid play last week against WG and must have had 9-10 assists and 1 turnover. He obviously has been well coached and knows the game! Andy, you think he may be the next private school transfer?

  9. Is his dad the fellow who was K’s assistant @Oak Ridge? He makes Christian Pulliam look like a 4-5.

  10. I think Coach Lipke used to be the head coach at Oak Ridge…..Maybe we’ll see him back on the private school level one day…..We are lucky to have the veteran coaches around here in Coach Johnson, Coach Price and Coach Kent….We better appreciate them while we have them, in a few years they will be moving on and gone and we have been lucky to have had those men as our local coaches on the public and private level…..All three have done a lot for the local basketball scene and is much better for them having come our way over the past 25-30 years…..We don’t have as many of the older veterans around these days and we again better be thankful we have them, cause like we are saying, they won’t be around forever…..You really do need men like them that put their time in and stay around long enough to really build up program……Gonna be a lot of change in the next 5-10 years, so we better enjoy the harvest as it is set before this day…..As the years go on, I don’t think you will see coaches staying around for the long terms……We have seen a lot of our young coaches get out of the profession while several of our older coaches have stayed the course……Thirty years should be the goal, but 5-10 or less seems to be the long stay these days…..Lots of change on the home front in recent years…….EG, WG, NWG, NG, SWG, High Point Central, High Point Andrews, Southern, Smith, SEG…..That’s quite a bit of change in 10 out of 15 schools….Steady at Dudley, Page, Grimsley, NEG and Ragsdale for the most part……
    We need to appreciate and be thankful for the veterans like Coach Johnson, Coach Price, Coach Kent and others……….

  11. Andy, you are correct. These guys know the game instead of history teacher attempting to teach the game!

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