Sunday’s NBA game with Lakers and Bulls was like watching an ACC Reunion Show

If you took a look at Sunday’s NBA game, with the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers, you may have thought you were watching an ACC Reunion Game/Show…..

You look up and you see Steve Blake(Maryland Terrapins) running the point and joining him in the Lakers’ starting lineup was Josh McRoberts, from Duke….If you looked across the mid-court line/stripe you could see Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng out there and in the primary rotation for the Bulls….

This sure looked like an ACC Reunion Game to me and who would have thought/thunk, that Blake and McRoberts would be making major contributions to the LA Lakers’ season and sharing court time with Kobe Bryant and his Westwood empire, at the Staples Center…..

Can you believe it and there are probably a few other former ACC players that we might have to failed to mention from that game and if so, who are they??? Did see Laker GM Mitch Kupchak(North Carolina Tar Heels) sitting over along the front row……

Did you, could you see it???

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