Pizza Hut Invitational – Boys 7th place: Northwest 67, Ragsdale 45

   Score by Periods       1st   2nd   3rd   4th   Total
   Ragsdale Boys (3-9)    13    13    11     8    45
   Northwest Boys (6-7)   18    12    21    16    67

Follow-up Report

                            1st   2nd   3rd   4th
   NORTHWEST GUILFORD       18    12    21    16
   RAGSDALE                 13    13    11     8

NORTHWEST GUILFORD 6-7; 1-1: Keaton Haack 22;Ryan Doerr 11; Hunter Clary 11; Drew Coble 7;Cody Hylton 6; Josh Beitz 5; Nick Powell 2; Matt Pawlowski 2; Anthony Harding 1.

RAGSDALE 3/9; n/a: J. Holland 19; D. Kanakunvi 7; J. Bryant 6; D. Willis 5; B. Rouse 4; J. Stepp 2; E. Romer 2

-The Northwest Vikings used a big 3rd quarter to take control of a back and forth game versus the Ragsdale Tigers in the 7th place game of the Pizza Hut Invitational.
-Northwest was led by Keaton Haack who finished with 22 points and 8 rebounds. Hunter Clary and Ryan Doerr both contributed 11 points apiece for the Vikings.
-Ragsdale was led by J. Holland’s 19 points.


  1. sigh…

    Ragsdale just isn’t very good this year. Talent level is way down. I haven’t seen them play yet. My daughter said last night was hard to watch. They are getting blown out by just about everybody they play.

  2. Tough to watch Ragsdale play. The kids fight and compete but are short on talent. Watching them the attitudes have been good and they actually play more as a team than in the past couple of years but just very short on talent. Frustrating to see a lot of the local talent transfer to all these basketball factories/academies that call themselves schools. HS basketball has changed. The talent has moved to the private schools or the basketball factories.

    Coaching change might help but for the kids that believe they can play in college, many of these will still go to the basketball mills in hopes of pursuing their dreams. Another coach night do a better job coaching the kids that are there but doubt that a new coach stops the exodus of talent to the mills.

  3. Neither team was well coached during this tournament that is why they played for last place. Ragsdale is young and lacks talent but for some reason players over the years have not liked playing for this coach. The Vikings on the other hand have talent so it is no excuse for them to not be doing better. Both coaches seem to lack good communication skills with players. Credit to players from both teams that fought hard during a difficult situation.

  4. I couldn’t disagree more. Ragsdale is just a little short on talent. They are very small, but they play hard. They have been solid in the past and they will be good in the future. Public schools just have down years. It is always blamed on the coach. As far as NW is concerned, they have a very good coach. Coach Reavis is a very good accomplished coach, but he is in a tough spot. The parents at NW always think they know more than the coach. They have run the last couple coaches out of there. I have seen them play three or four games this year and they have been very competitive. What do you want the coach to do?

  5. To answer the last ouster, I want to see a coach with passion.!!! When a player comes out of the game, I want to see the coach give him more than a limp wrist ‘ hand shake or five” ad he walks by. Leg one of the assistants walk firm and give the player a word of encouragement or to make s coaching point.

  6. Tom, you obviously have no Clue! Solid in the past…
    You must be talking about when the Canty brothers and Curve Bellow was there.Tom you could win with that team!

  7. Andy, its time for the new AD @ Ragsdale to Show he is responsible for All programs not just football.

  8. Tom, define a solid coach? Coach Reavis is a very good guy but I wouldn’t say accomplished. If you look at his record he underachieves except when he had josh howard and marshall moses at glenn. Glenn has a ton of talent, and if you paid close attention you would see that Glenn got better once he left and honestly it looks like NW has gotten worse. I’m a coach so I’m not blaming that all on coaching, it’s also on players buying into the system, keeping your kids etc.. We tend to let some coaches slide and give others a hard time. Coach Shoemaker at Ragsdale has done an excellent job with what he has had. If his players would not have been raided they would have been very good. I think both coaches are good, I’m just curious as to what is your definition of accomplished. Congrats Bengals

  9. Coach??, Really are you drinking the Kool Aid? Plyaer leave because College coaches know Shoe can not develop them. You don’t have 13 players transfer in the past 4 years. You get some delusion parents, but that many Good players? Andy, why so you feel kids Re leaving this broken 4 A Program? Shoe had tryouts by invitation without inviting the whole student body? Never ever heard of that Coach??

  10. All my dealings with Coach Shoemaker have been very positive….He has always treated us and this site with the utmost respect and I appreciate that….He has also treated our radio associtate Jim Modlin with the utmost respect…..Coach Shoemaker is a good leader, he needs time to develop these players…..After Ragsdale lost players to transfer, they have been trying to rebuild…..The private school level seems to be more appealing to the kids right now…..We could see that change back the other way….Until that change comes around we just have to work through it all……Coach Shoemaker has my support and we don’t need to be throwing our players under the bus……Give him at least the rest of the season to finish his current work before the dye is cast……He deserves this season and needs some support……He has done more good than most will realize at Ragsdale……Ragsdale gave Greensboro Day an early scare the other night and Northwest defeated GDS in Round One last year…….We need to support Coaches at Ragsdale and NWG while they are in charge of these teams…….They deserve our and your support…..What good will it do to try and blow somebody out during the season……It only makes matters worse……

    We will get through this and so will our coaches…..

    What really has me upset tonight/this morning is that someone said that the Dudley Baseball Coachd died tonight from a heart attack…..It is really too late to be calling somebody, but this is not good news…..We are tied in deep with our coaches here at the site and we hope this is not for real……We do need to support our coaches…..

  11. Realcoach. Wow, I haven’t heard anything about the invitation thing and I find that hard to believe. Seems like some parent would have called Guilford Co schools. 13 kids sounds like a lot but you knew a lot of those guys were leaving regardless of who the coach was. Ex Canty, Bellos and Frye. With all the lost players they are still near the top of their league. Obviously not this year but their league is down so you never know. Your system alone doesn’t win that many games. On other notes that’s extremely sad about the Dudley coach. Prayers go out to his family and the Dudley community.

  12. Per Tom here is what I think these coaches could do to stop the downward trend of their programs. Ragsdale because they are young are lacking in the fundamental skill sets. It is hard to fix that during the season but through a good offseason program you can improve fundamentals. Also having a good offseason program can also improve communication with you players. Where there is smoke there is fire and for some reason player after player keeps leaving the school and the coach has to look in the mirror and address this issue. Figure out why they are leaving and then develop strategies to keep that from happening by developing better rapport with parents. As for the Vikings it does not matter how competitive you are because if you lose by 1 or 100 it is still the same loss. They have very good post player that for some reason they are do not use on the offensive end. Traditionally they have been a very good shooting school but that is not the case any longer (see the stats from the Smith game). Rusty LaRue has left the building and the coach should base what he does on the athletes he has. Defensively the Vikings were the worst team I saw at the Little Four with terrible closeouts, no concept of help defense and you can tell they do not work on these things in practice. To me it is oblivious that these two coaches are not good communicators and that is why they are having problems. They see parents, booster clubs and other supporters and necessary evils that they have to deal with versus winning these groups over and getting them to buy into their programs. At least that approach would cut down on the number of transfer these schools are having.

  13. I have been watching NW for several years and defensively this is the worst I’ve seen. They have pretty good players but they look uninspired. They don’t help, or closeout or contest shots. They get beat off the dribble and just stop playing. They used to play a lot of zone and did a decent job with that and then Bloom came in and started playing man. It was pretty bad at first but it got better over time until they were playing very good teams competively because of their defense. Now, its just hard to watch.I am hoping it will get better with time.

  14. I totally agree with GB. Kids are leaving Ragsdale because they know they will not improve their skill level. Too many kids have left and a few of the current players are on the verge of leaving. When there’s smoke….

  15. Everybody’s expectations of a high school basketball coach are unrealistic. Coach K or Roy is not going to show up at your high school. Coaches get paid very little and they have to deal with all of this nonsense. I play a lot of pickup ball in this area and there are only a handful of these kids that are willing to play any defense. To pin this on the high school coach is absurd. Sometimes it is as simple as the talent level is just not there. As adults, to blame it on the coach is the easy way out. When I used to complain to my dad about my playing time, he would tell me to work on my game and get better. Pretty simple concept, isn’t it?

  16. Tom is it unrealistic for parents to expect a coach to teach good fundamentals? Are comparing defense in a pickup game with high school basketball? Maybe that is why these coaches are having problems because HS bball is not the playgroud. Why do you feel playing time is the issue with parents? Look at the players that left Ragsdale (Fry, Canty, Bello etal) and I think it is safe to safe none of them had a playing time issues. I do not think the two Viking players now at GDS had playing time issues either. The issue is the quality of coaching they are receiving and until these coaches address this perception (right or wrong) players will continue to leave. Has nothing to do with playing time or college prospects for that matter.

  17. I am an advocate of teaching fundamentals. I was taught the fundamentals when I was younger and they still work in today’s game. I was lucky enough to play in college so I understand what good basketball looks like. The reason I compared it with a pickup game is that I see no evidence of any fundamentals with a lot of these players. Players don’t just use the fundamentals in a real game, they should use them all of the time. There are a couple of private and public schools in the area that do stress fundamentals, but the majority do not. The AAU circuit is a glorified pickup game and it is almost unwatchable. If a youngster transfer to a program to learn the fundamentals, I applaud that move. I do not believe that is the reason the majority transfer. IMO, they move because their misguided parents are looking for the situation that will give their child the best opportunity for the elusive scholarship. Even though I don’t agree with their methods, I do hope they find what they are looking for.

  18. Andy, you obviously realize a 7-8 game generating this much interest its an issue @ Ragsdale! Shoe came from a very small program St Davids.

  19. In a few days nobody will leaning heavily on this 7-8 game…..Ragsdale and NWG both need to get ready to focus on the conference games…..Coach Shoemaker is the coach and you need to suport your coach….Maybe Ragsdale needs to get together a summer AAU team with the basketball players on that team…Some players leave out from the schools and go join their AAU teammates at other private schools….Hard to compete with those summer AAU teams and to conquer that obstacle you may have torm your own to keep your guys together……While the coach is in charge we need to support him and back the team….Ragsdale has some good young players….If you have to take your knocks for a couple of years until the team gets strong again, why should that be a problem??? Sometimes you have to rebuild…..A couple of years ago with Wally Jones and was it Josh White, Ragsdale was strong and they could be strong again……Maybe the sports at Ragsdale run Football first, baseball second and then basketball third….I do not know for sure, but I do believing in supporting Coach Shoemaker while he is the Tiger coach….

  20. If you are a true fan of the Tigers you will stick with them through thick and thin….Time to drop anchor on this one and move on….I don’t think we are getting anywhere….

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