Best News of the day:All is well with Larry Farrer(Dudley HS)

Got a report last night that Dudley High School bsseball coach Larry Farrer had suffered a heart attack and the best news of the day is, that did not happen…..Very concerned when we got that word last night and we can report with much relief today that Larry is OK and doing well on this Thursday December 29, 2011….

By far this is the best news we have received this week….Larry has had some health issues and with good medical assistance/advice he has been able to deal with those issues and we can share with you today that Larry Farrer is doing fine and it is great to still have him with us…..

There’s not a bad bone or negative spot in that man’s body/makeup….Larry has always been very positive and he keeps his kids/players on the up-beat….Very smart young man/coach and Larry Farrer is an asset to our community and people like the job he has done in the Dudley Panther baseball community…..Larry teaches responsibility and that is a trait that the kids need to know and use these days….

I have had several phone calls and E-mails from Larry’s friends and assoctiates checking up on Larry and all is good today for Larry Farrer and that is the best news that we could have received on this Thursday…..Larry has a special insight on how to deal with kids and to deal with the details that go along with coaching youth sports teams and we are very lucky to have him around and we want to keep him around…..

Take care Larry Farrer and I hope all of you get a chance pass along the word that Larry is doing allright, but he could use a boost and if you get some time give him a call or E-mail him and let him know that you have him in your thoughts and prayers and that you expect to see him back out at the Ray Crawford Baseball Field this spring…..

Many a good night spent at that baseball field over the years with Luis Allen and those great Dudley sound effects and Brandon Burkes making his comeback to the Panther lineup this spring, joining Corey Kimber and other key Panther players….

Take care Larry and good to still have you on our squad, and the best to your family here at the Holiday Season……