Let’s Get Over All This Whining.

I can’t believe that Coach (Fill In Name Here) is still coaching (HIS or HER) team. How the parents at (Fill In High School Name Here) can put up with all these (Fill in “losses” or “players leaving”) is simply amazing.

Do you guys see it??? Most of the recent comments seriously look like form letters. Ever few months we have an event, such as the Pizza Hut Invitational, or playoffs in most every sport, that results in hundreds of comments about coaches, players, officiating, even the conditions.

Andy and I edit or delete the really bad stuff.

But it just keeps coming, I guess that is part of sports fans everywhere. So as we welcome 2012, remember that while your team may be on top today, they will fall on bad luck soon. Just as the worst teams will get better. The cycle and the world continues to spin.


  1. Fans and Parents! Switching schools and switching clubs, constant whining, playing time, etc. Nothin new except the internets!

  2. Have you noticed that the kids that transfer high schools also end transferring in college or just give up playing altogether? Parents whining about playing time and coaches is the worst part of sports in this area. It is a simple concept. The coaches will play the best players. They have no motive to do otherwise. If your child is not playing, they are probably not the best. Work on your game, get better and you will get to play.

  3. Couldn’t have said it any better if I said it myself. These parents need to stop tryin’ to relive their failures through their children . . .let them live their own lives as kids . . . you had your chance . . . move on and get over it smh !

  4. Well said Don. Here at Community Baptist, we only have 8 girls (two in the 8th grade), but we see parents and kids that are “shopping” for a better deal. Here it’s the 4 “B'”s 1. Bible, 2. Books 3. Basketball 4. Boys (although te girls get 3 & 4 mixed up sometimes).. Have a great year, we love greensborosports.com here at CBS.

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