Dudley boys basketball drops two down in South Carolina

On the road in South Carolina for the holidays, the Dudley boys basketball team dropped two games, as they traveled and went across, south of the border…..

Lacaster, South Carolina 65
Dudley 54

Dorman, (Roebuck)South Carolina 68
Dudley 52



  1. 12/28/11… Lancaster S.C. 65 – 45 over Dudley ( Halftime 28-21 Lancaster )
    12/29/11… Dorman S.C. 68 – 52 over Dudley ( Halftime 33-25 Dudley )
    12/30/11… Hillcastor S.C. 78 – 71 over Dudley ( Halftime 30-29 Dudley )

    * All three games Dudley played strong in the first half ;however, those 3rd and 4th quarters was Nightmares. They just got out hustle and couldn’t make adjustments like the teams they played against. It wasn’t like they went up against Oak Hill/ Top 25 types of prep-private powerhouses, they just couldn’t match up and the skill level just isn’t there any longer. Sad !!! ( I miss the Eric Hicks, Dominique Brown, Chris Ferguson, Kevin Swinton, Dejaun Morrison, Will Graves, Kenny Belton, Josh Chavis teams of 1999-2007.http://www.ihigh.com/upwardclassic/broadcasts.html?mode=school&schoolid=31212&status=completed……..I watch all three games on the ihigh websites for upward classic boardcast link and see for yourself. Coach Price needs to think hard about playing the out of state games and Oak Hill that he can’t win and think about playing teams like Burlington Cummings, H.P. Andrews, S.W. Guilford, E. Guilford, N.E., Northern and H.P. Central…..

  2. I believe Dudley know what they are doing. It is sad when you get an so call expert, trying to give advice about something they don’t know about.

  3. Nobody is trying to be an expert or anything. Just like you can give opinion to my comments, I can give minds. For your information I been supporting their programs { Boys & Girls plus their football teams } for the last 18yrs. Coach Price and my father went to school together and he Coached at Morehead during 1990-91 seasons when I went, Heck !!! I went to an watch him when he Coached at Stoneville High back in 1980-82, when his 1A teams teams won there. So I been watching his teams since I was 10 yrs old {1980}. I gave opinion, just like others give their opinion. But I not the only one who feels the same way I do, I I have had other fans that have followed them, since the early 90’s say the same thing. I work with 2 former players from the Eric Hicks years tell me the same thing, plus I have had current or former coaches or Long Time former Classmates speak on this topic. I gave my opinion, and for your information, people already told me the reason, during the Hillside Game, earlier this season why he plays these tournaments out of state instead of playing the local schools….But it doesn’t mean I have to like it. OKAY MR. WHO CARES….BECAUSE IF U DIDN’T CARE, YOU WOULDN’T HAVE RESPONDED !!! I bet you didn’t traval to Danville Va. when they went.

  4. I had Aunts and Uncles that went to Dudley back in the late 40’s Mr., Up into now !!! I had a cousin that was a principal back in late 80’s at Dudley…..So please….Adjust your attitude Mr. Who Cares !!!

  5. Hey Mr. “Who Cares ” …Do you know who Coach Steve Hankins is ? Or Freddie Barnes PG {Penn St.} or Mike Dearmen {St. Augustine} ? Or Principal Robert W. Saunders ? I go back a long ways in being over at Dudley supporting them while I lived with one of my Aunts on Ross Ave. off of Benbow Rd. And attending Hayes Memorial Methodist Church……back in the 80’s

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