Guilford Orthopaedic HS Basketball Polls for 12/30/11

The Guilford Orthopaedic Polls…..

Boys Public School Poll:
2)Northeast Guilford(8-3)
3)Southwest Guilford(9-4)
4)High Point Andrews(8-4)
8)Southeast Guilford(8-5)
9)Eastern Guilford(5-6)

Girls Public School Poll
1)Southeast Guilford(12-1)
3)Western Guilford(11-3)
5)Northern Guilford(10-3)
6)Southwest Guilford(9-4)
8)High Point Andrews(8-6)
9)Northwest Guilford(4-8)
10)Eastern Guilford(5-6)

Boys Private School Poll
1)High Point Christian(14-0)
2)Greensboro Day School(15-1)
4)Vandalia Christian(10-2)
5)New Garden Friends School(11-6)

Girls Private School Poll
1)Thomasville Prep(18-1)
2)Greensboro Day School(14-3)
3)Bishop McGuinness(10-1)
4)High Point Christian Academy(7-2)

BOYS Combined Poll:
1)High Point Christian(14-0)
2)Greensboro Day School(15-1)
4)Northeast Guilford(8-3)
6)Southwest Guilford(9-4)
7)High Point Andrews(8-4)

GIRLS Combined Poll:
1)Thomasville Prep(18-1)
2)Southeast Guilford(12-1)
4)Greensboro Day School(14-3)
5)Bishop McGuinness(10-1)
6)Western Guilford(11-3)
8)Northern Guilford(10-3)
9)Southwest Guilford(9-4)


  1. New Garden lost two very close games this week to good teams. NGFs is a very small school playing against much larger private and public schools. If they had a little depth they would be very good. Their future is bright.

    Their new gym opens this month with some big games.

  2. From what I understand the Smith Girls are 10-5 and have beaten WG and SEG how are they ranked so low? Granted I know I’m just a fan but it doesnt make any sense that a school like NG can be ranked above them considering they havent beaten anyone good this season and didnt place higher than them in the Little 4 either. I’m a Pirate til I die but I respect what the girls at Dudley and Smith do. I see them year round in AAU and Summer Leagues and for sure they’ve got the most total team talent in the area (public schools).

    Congrats to our Lady Pirates for a great run in the Little 4! Go Pirates!

  3. Metro boys would be Page…..Have beaten Smith by two and topped Grimsley already…..Only loss was out of conference to WS Reagan and to GDS….
    Metro girls….Gonna be tight at the top with SEG, PAGE, Dudley, WG, Smith…..And that might be your top order of finish….Smith girls did not all that well in the Pizza Hut Tournament and that’s what was dropping them down in the polls….Tney need to get Brandi Robinson and Quon Greer hot again and make sure they have Jo Jo Phillips available every game…..They need her in the backcout…

    Piedmont Triad 4-A is almost a toss-up cause entire conference it down this year with the exception of SWG boys and girls….NWG down a bit, Ragsdale down, HP Central down, East Forsyth down, don’t know about Parkland, but when you look at it close, SWG boys and girls should take this conference…..It will the Cowboys and Cowgirls conference to lose……They sould take both sides and the boys should not be close and again , we don’t all about WS Parkland…

    NEG should take the Mid-Piedmont 3-A boys and for the girls I would say Ledford…..Ledford looks strong again this year for the girls….Big battle with Ledford and SEG for the NewBridge Bank Christmas Classic at Ledford…

    Mid-State looks like Eastern Alamance boys and Northern Guilford girls……..

    High Point Andrews should take the PAC 6 both boys and girls…..

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