Raleigh Ravenscroft over Wesleyan in HSOT Holiday Tournament(Links for Wesleyan-Ravenscroft and Upper Room with Sharwyn McGee vs. United Faith)

Championship Game of Summit Hospitality Bracket…..

Raleigh Ravenscroft 53
Wesleyan 44

WCA(12-3)….Jaquel Richmond 23 points, Montay Brandon 12 and Theo Pinson 9 pts….
Ravenscroft ooached by fomer Duke Blue Devil guard Kevin Billerman….

from Bryan C. Hanks at WRALSportsFan.com:

Wesleyan coach Keith Gatlin(Maryland) said he was proud of his team’s effort in its first Holiday Invitational, but that his team needed more than just Richmond, Brandon and Pinson to have good games for the Trojans to be successful.

“Tonight, we came up short because we never got into a flow,” Gatlin said. “You have to credit Ravenscroft for that. They played us well again tonight.”


CLICK HERE to read all on Ravenscroft-Wesleyan from WRALSportsFan….

CLICK HERE for info on the Upper Room win over United Faith….


  1. WCA, what have you heard? Sounds like you know something, but will not say…what is the word on the street!

  2. It just doesn’t make since for only three players to score in a high school basketball game. Pretty soon it won’t make since to subsidize these “star” players at the expense of paying customers.This isn’t rocket science.

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