Southwest Guilford guard Terrell Leach will be out for a while

News on the injury to Terrell Leach, outstanding guard for the Southwest Guilford Cowboys and the news is coming in from Jason Wolf, at the News and Record’s HSXtra Blog and you can find out all the details on the Leach injury and how much time he is expected to miss when you CLICK HERE….

Terrell Leach, brother of Lanson Leach former SWG Cowboy star guard, now with the Carolina Cheetahs, of the ABA……


  1. I can’t belive the HPCA kids relally thought they did something when they beat this swg team without the heart and soul of the team thast like them taking away kent..can’t belive this i think thier should be a rematch

  2. let it go, HPCA moved on. Good luck to both teams. One or two players will never beat HPCA.

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