Voting continues for Power Team Sales/ Player of the Year

Voting continues through Sunday and we will end it at the end of the day on Sunday January 8….You can vote at the right hand column on the home page, with a full poll of choices or send votes to….We will be been moving votes over from the E-mail to the site in the next few days…..The race seems to be coming down to James Summers(Page), TJ Logan(Northern Guilford) and Ryan Johnston(Northern Guilford)…..Good luck to all, Ryan, TJ and James and any others that might make a late rush…….All voting ends at the end of the day this coming Sunday…..


  1. Ryan Johnston seems to be a good player, but what position did he play and what were his stats? I’ve really only heard about TJ or Daniel Downing from that team, but I never really heard about any other players other than their linebacker Mitchell (I think), so I’m surprised that Ryan has this many votes. Before any parents or voters start whining, I wanted to know more about this kid and understand why he has been voted so high when I haven’t heard of him.

  2. Ryan Johnston is a very good player for NG. That being said, he wasn’t even the best defensive player on NG.

  3. Ryan Johnston was very big part of what Northern did up front this season….Saw at Dudley and then again in State Championship game vs. Crest…Had big games in those two for sure…..James Summers followers have some work to do as we head down the stretch…..

  4. Not whining since Page is not my team but I’m thinking there should have probably been a 3A and 4A(A) division for this voting. (in my opinion) I believe there is no player in Guilford County with more overall talent, leadership, and drive than James Summers. But I think the real determining factor is that Page obviously faced better competition during the playoffs than Northern. No matter how this “vote for your favorite team or against your least favorite team” popularity contest turns out, I believe it is wrong for anyone but Summers to be voted player of the year.

    Again this is only my opinion and I know the other two Northern players are very, very good but I think there needs to be some consideration of the level of competition faced.

    So let the Gfan hatin’ begin or continue but that is my opinion. I’m a big boy I can take it. And by the way…Go Whirlies!!

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