Site reader was right, only three players scored for Wesleyan in loss to Ravenscroft

You have to do a double-take, but when you check that box score twice or maybe three or four times, you see the numbers are there and that only three players scored for the Wesleyan Trojans in their loss to the Ravenscroft Ravens, during the Christmas Holdiay Tournament down in Raleigh….The HighSchoolOT Holiday Tournament….Check the box score below and as Trojans’ coach Keith Gatlin said after the game, they have to get more players involved in their offense…..

Wesleyan 9 15 12 8 — 44
Ravenscroft 16 7 20 10 — 53
Wesleyan: Jaquel Richmond 23, Montay Brandon 12, Theo Pinson 9. Ravenscroft: Marcus Bryan 18, Anton Gill 14, Madison Jones 12, Andrew Franz 5, D.J. Langley 3, Quinn Billerman 1.

*****Richmond, Brandon and Pinson with all 44 Wesleyan points….No other Trojans scored in the game….*****


  1. Who in the world would want to play on team like that? I get it, some kids are college bound players. I’m sure other players on the team will at least play Division 1 or Division 2 Basketball. If the “star” players were no longer subsidized the picture would be much clearer. High School basketball is much more than promoting a few players.

  2. Well I was at the Raleigh tournament the whole time and from what I saw the other players are not ready. Big games like those you have to be ready that’s not the time to scared. It was a lot times when the other teammates
    received the ball and didn’t know what to do with it. To be honest if I was one of those three I would be doing the
    Samething so my team could win.

  3. If that is the case then oh well. If the other players don’t want the ball then nothing else should be said. I find that hard to believe, but I wasn’t there. Case closed with my opinion.

  4. Wesleyan has 2 other d1 prospects with offers and 2 other d2 prospects so they have others who can ball but the ball is in the big three hands most of the time and no other effort is made to get others involved. This team is this years version of last years Westchester. The big 3 are trying to get their ranking higher in ESPN and very selfish. They could care less about winning but want to be a highlight show. Until they make an effort to run plays for others players or split the big three up to play at different times. This would allow ball movement and not just in the big 3 black hole. They will not beat GDS or HPC with only big three scoring.

  5. If you have 3 stars, then you have the basis for a great team. The role players should not only be scoring throughout the game but they should get 6-10 pts per game. The role players are the key players that allow the stars to be star players on game day. Stars cannot continue to get 15-20 pts a game unless the role players do their job which includes hitting the open shots when the star is double teamed, finding the open spaces so the defense cannot cheat on the “stars” and make the defense pay by being ready for whatever the team needs. If the big 3 made all of the baskets, then the coach has not done his job up to this point. After 2 months of basketball, the roles should be feeling comfortable with their roles and making the defense pay. At the same time, the “stars” should know who they can count on and be utilizing the roles players to make the game easier. Again everyone has responsibility here but it starts with the coach preparing both the role players and stars for their roles.

    I think Page is the best example of how this should work. James Summers and Paris Kea both direct the floor for their team and they get their teams prepared to play. Both set the pace and they set up their teammates for easy baskets along with scoring whatever it takes for their teams to win. Maybe Wesleyan should take in a Page game or two both coaches and players.

  6. Wow. Very well said. If you really start to look at Wesleyan games you will see a lot of the shortcomings falls on the coaching staff.

  7. I am assuming the majority of you were not at the game and just see the stat line. The fact is that the other players had plenty of good looks the ball just didn’t drop….at all. I distinctvely remember Sammy Tyson getting three wide open threes from the corner and missing all of them. Percentage wise, he is typically their best three point shooter. Deshaunte Carelock and Josh Woodward also had good looks from the elbow that didn’t go in as well as put back contested layups that didn’t fall. Just because only three scored doesn’t mean the other players weren’t involved. Like I said, I am assuming none of you were there because if you were you would have seen others being involved.

  8. You are correct – I was not at the game. It sounds like the other “role” players did get shots and they were apart of the offense but came up short. Regardless of being at the game or not – the roles will hopefully learn that they cannot come up short when needed and the coach hopefully has a better idea what and who they can depend on today and must find out who can come thru tomorrow.

  9. And this is what has happened to high school sports……………what a joke………and they still lost

  10. Where is Tre Chapman? The kid that left GDS for greener pastures and more playing time. Is he not playing? He was a nice player last year that would have really fit in well with the way GDS is playing this year. Guess things aren’t as they always seem to be. Sounds like another example of parents not being patient.

  11. @coach baby Wesleyan will really crush any pubic school including Page. Speaking of p
    age basketball team about how many of those kids D1 or D2. How many ppl has the coach gotten into college. And. I bet y’all didn’t know at one point HPCA wasn’t the only school parents was trying yo get there kids in so be careful what you ask for. One thing abt Wesleyan everybody is college bound academics or athletic.Lol…GPA. of 1.8 are not going to do it.

  12. The Page boys basketball lost in the last minute to GDS and that game was an even game either way. Page could have and actually should have won that game but GDS made the necessary plays in the end with multiple players. If Wesleyan only has 3 players showing up, then they would not have won that same game against Page. GDS has already beaten Ravencroft and another team that also beat Ravencroft (I think Greenfield). Until Wesleyan actually beats a team this year that can actually play, don’t come on this site and act like Wesleyan is so much better than Page with all of their D1 players. I also remember seeing Wesleyan nearly choke against Smith (barely winning in the last minute or so). I have not seen Wesleyan’s entire schedule but it does not appear from the outside that they can take the pressure from the top to the bottom man. I will give GDS credit for showing up and doing the job against high level competition on the big stage. This is not a knock on the kids at Wesleyan but instead on the few nutty fans that believe that their team is something that they are not. When is Wesleyan going to show up ?

  13. @ coach baby you so much of a Page fan tell them to put Wesleyan on there up coming schedule. I believe they play at least one public school team a seaon. Hey, maybe “Page Pirates” will be the lucky one….lol I love this site and my child. Ain’t even out there!!!! But for real try to set that game up!

  14. Play the game this year! The Eaves kid is better then every one on WCA roster. It will benefit you to play Page next year because all of the studs on the Page roster will no longer be there. We know the Page players don’t fear WCA like younger players will. Typical bully mentality.

  15. Eaves doesn’t get the hype that the WCA players get. So lets not base who is the better ball player on hype. i would take him over every player on the WCA roster with the exception on maybe Montay B. and thats only because of his size. I willing to bet Eaves has a good college career no matter where he plays.

  16. The small font is killing my eyes. typos *

    Eaves doesn’t get the hpe that the WCA players get. So lets not base who is the better ball player on hype. I would take Eaves over every player on the WCA roster with the exception of maybe, Montay B. If Eaves was taller I would take him over M.B. I’m willing to bet Eaves has a good college career no matter wher he playes. —–To answer your question, I don’t know where Eaves will play in college.

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