Western Kentucky fires coach after his team loses game when the opposing team had SIX players on the court

Heard about this today and it is CRAZY how this came about….The refs blew it or they didn’t blow it(the whistle) and then the WKU Hilltoppers fired their coach….

Western Kentucky fires the coach after the refs miss call when there were SIX PLAYERS on the court at the same time for the opposing team….

from ESPN.com:
Ken McDonald finished with a 67-49 record at Western Kentucky following a 72-70 overtime defeat to Louisiana-Lafayette, when the Ragin’ Cajuns had six players on the court for the final possession.

ESPN’s Eammon Brennan: Cruel Way To Go
On one of the most boneheaded whistle omissions in the history of college hoops, writes Eamonn Brennan, WKU lost a game against six men, then got rid of its coach.

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