If you had to choose a quarterback today, who do you take? Tim Tebow or Cam Newton??

(We may need to get Don Moore to put this into Poll Formation.)

Say you needed a QB for today’s game right now, TODAY, then who do you take to get you the win? Would it be Tim Tebow(Denver Broncos) or Cam Newton(Carolina Panthers)??

After what we saw yesterday and I’m looking for today, right now only, I think I would take Tebow, cause it looks like it is ‘Tebow’s Time’……If I am looking at the future plan and building for down the road, I think Cam Newton would be your man……Right now, Tebow is ready to go and many feel he is on a mission and that the Denver Broncos will go to Foxboro, Mass. and beat the New England Patriots, with Tom Brady/Bill Belichick this coming Sunday…..

Tebow or Newton and we may need to get Don to put this into a poll formation……..


  1. You know when Tim Tebow throws for 3:16 yards that’s your man right there.

  2. I would have to look at the system that a team has before I make a pick. Tebow fits Denvers system also Denver has a Good OL, none of the things that Newton has. Other then that I agree. Tebow is a good fit for Denver and would be my pick because he is on a mission to prove himself.

  3. If Tim Tebow was the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers every one on the staff would have been fired the day the season ended. With The Carolina Panther defense Tebow wouldn’t stand a chance.

  4. I will take Tebow. I think he really is a better runner than Newton and for the most part a smarter runner and he is a winner and that is what you are seeking at the end of the day and the end of the season. Which team won more and lasted longer and made the playoffs? Teams want that now and not next year.

  5. For all the folks who ripped on John Fox the last few years, who took a previously bad team to the playoffs this year?The problems with the Panthers were/are Marty Hurney and Jerry Richardson, not Fox.

  6. Iinteresting line from a Raleigh sports board:

    “Tim 3:16” says you just got Tebow’d”………..

  7. Give Newton Denver’s defense and special teams and then see how many wins the Panthers would have. Tebow has played terrible in alot of Denver wins but the Defense and special teams saved him. Cam has gotten Carolina big leads only for his defense and special teams to let him down. Also the NFC South is tougher than the AFC West.

  8. Tebow without a question. More of a team leader and not a criticizer. He left Florida because he was behind Tebow. He does have a few problems, but what young qb doesn’t. I will put my money on Tebow.

  9. In the business of pro football it seems like it becomes a push, to see which QB can get his team to the Super Bowl first…..Just get them there and they will talk about it for 10 years……Win the Super Bowl and they will talk about it for 20 years….Which of these two will get their team there first?

  10. #1 – Cam was a rookie QB with no training camp and a season that started with fewer practices and preparation than any season in the past 20 years, #2 – This was Tebow’s 2nd season and he was only put in control after Denver shipped out QB’s from last and after the 2 remaining competitors failed,
    #3 – Tebow’s is a great guy and a great team manager but he must fit within the perfect system which is John Fox which does not like to air it out much and prefers to keep the ball on the ground.
    #4 – If you put Tebow with all 30 teams, he would only work on 1-3 teams maxi but Cam would for 100% of those teams.

    People should not let there love for a person make them blind to how the game works. Sometimes you just capsure lighting in a bottle which is what Tebow has going for him. The NFL is an adjustment league and Tebow does not have the skill set to go too far beyond his current situation. Regardless how this all ends this years, Tebow has already secured a life time of demand for his services, book writing, appearances on the speaker tour, etc.. I am sure Tebow the movie is scheduled to come out January 2013 – “Mission Impossible – It’s Teblow Time” starring Tom Cruise.

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