HS Hoops scores from last night

Grimsley 68
Southern Alamance 44

Grimsley boys look to be on their way back, with back-to-back conference wins and now at (7-8)….Most recent Metro wins over Smith and SA…Last night the Whirlies had four players in double-figures with D.J. Reader and Reggie Wilson at 12 points each, while Rayshaun Mayfield and Luke Bouknight had 10 a-piece…..Jaylen Burnett and Dairyon Matkins led the Patriots with 10 points each….

Northern Guilford 61
Burlington Williams 48

Matthew Priouleau with 19 points, Will Mullikin 14 points and T.J. Logan with 10 were tops for NG….Northern now (10-4) overall and (5-1) in the Mid State 3-A Conference…..Always a busy night for Williams’ coach Tommy Cole, he coaches both the girls and boys Williams Bulldogs varsity teams…..

Southern Alamance 66
Grimsley 50

Roxanne Henshaw with 21 for the Whirlies and curious to know how Shaylen Burnett and Hollie Boggs did for SA??

Burlington Williams 54
Northern Guilford 53

*****First conference loss for the Northern girls….*****(5-1)


  1. Thanks for asking Andy…happy to oblige:

    Duo paces Southern Alamance girls

    January 10, 2012 12:58 AM
    MT. HERMON — Shaylen Burnett recorded a triple-double, scoring 24 points, grabbing 10 rebounds and dishing out 10 assists as Southern Alamance earned a 66-50 Metro Conference victory against Greensboro Grimsley on Monday night.

    Senior guard Hollie Boggs added a career-high 30 points and six steals for the Patriots (11-5 overall, 2-3 Metro Conference).

    Roxanne Henshall led Greensboro Grimsley (0-4 conference) with 21 points. The Patriots outscored the Whirlies 24-12 in the first quarter to take control.

  2. We have(as you know) beaten Western Guilford and Grimsley….very good teams that WE respect. Now when you say “elite group” I assume you are referring to Dudley,Page,Smith and most definitely Southeast Guilford.I feel like what you really want to say is “Did you beat Dudley?” the answer to that is “No………..Not yet.” But the thing that you must realize is that “We are not going away.” This conference is “up for grabs”and as far as we are concerned…….every team is a threat. Round one is done and in the history books……..round two and possibly three is going to find out who the “elite group” is. We are ready………..are you? Play ball!

  3. No offense Tracy but Grimsley is not a good team and has not been since over three years ago. We understand your respect and all and it sounds good. But do a little more research before you use such terms. Up for grabs? According to whom?

  4. Tracy

    This is Guilford County ball and not Alamance! We know how to ball around here and no, no Alamance county team is going to run no tables around here with powerhouses, Dudley, Page, Smith, Western Guilford and Grimsley. Maybe you have us confused with teams up in that area. We also will have the Player of the Year in Paris Kea, Brittany Clency, Kenya Hailey, Lakayla Rouse. Sorry but it is what it is? Southern Alamance gotta put some work in over a few years before it can be notice. Transferring around carries no weight. It opens up red flags!

  5. We lost to Grimsley last year 57-15…………as far as we are concerned they are a good team. You can look past them if you like (wouldn’t advise that). The term “up for grabs” is as simple as it implies….They way it looks to me there are 5 or 6 teams that can walk away champs…….if you don’t think so……more power to you…and by the way good luck! Watch the way this thing unfolds in the coming weeks and you will see that the research has been done on this end. Play ball!

  6. Whoa…..struck a nerve with this person that calls themself “guilford county.” it’s okay….I know you feel threatened…I would too if I were in your position. All of the teams mentioned above with the exception of Smith, know what we bring to the table…..You might want to really check with them before YOU stick “their necks” out to far. We are here to play…………….Who wants to play? p.s -your little comment about “transferring around”….it REALLY doesn’t carry any weight…..Shaylen is just a sophomore- break it down for you “her second year of high school”. Do some research! play ball!

  7. it’s party time-play ball………… i understand there’s some doubt about players and teams ability. let me state that i’ve seen some good girls and boys basketball being played and enjoying it.with that being said give credit where credit is due-the lady patriots have made a great improvement and are in this to win it-so for those who think of looking past them -better rethink that.plus with the addition of a sophomore Shaylen B there seems be questions that will soon be answered.southern plays as a team and win or lose -it’s team -that is what makes the lady patriots dangerous.make no mistake-never under estimate anyone and surely don’t fuel the fire.last year was last year-this is a new era in women basketball in the conference-trust me and witness.and let me be the firest to say enjoy the ride

  8. I don’t care whether a team is from Guilford, Forsyth, Randolph, Alamance, Rockingham, Davidson or even Stokes, if it is a good team and they are doing something different or special, then I want to hear about them on this site. So bring it on Southern Alamance. Plus, Southern Alamance is closer to schools like Southern, SE and Eastern and then schools like NW and Northern are to those same schools.

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