More on ACC men today as the Florida State Seminoles punish the North Carolina Tar Heels(Month-long stretch at home hurts Heels on the road)

Florida State 90
North Carolina 57

Davidas Dulkys with 32 points for Florida State and he was 8-10 from three-point range….

Boston College 61
Virginia Tech 59

Chestnut Hill, Mass.


  1. Punished my butt! UNC got flat out embarrassed yasterday! Word on the street is that this NCAA investigation is going to spill over into the BBall team. Do you think John Henson’s performance might be based on the number of African American studies courses he has gotten credit for? Doesn’t look good for the Heels and there performance has to make you wonder what they are thinking right now.

  2. Agarn,
    Where is the word on the street coming from? I have not heard this yet but I am interested.
    That would be an awesome one month late Christmas present if true.
    I could see where the athlete/academic fraud gets investigated thoroughly enough then Roy’s boys would be vulnerable.
    Even Reggie Bullock tweeted about his Swahili class last Summer.

  3. You two guys are such losers. Your own team has a great win yesterday, but you still are more excited about Carolina losing. By the way, enjoy the upcoming news this week.

  4. You ever notice how anyone crtiical of UNC is a a State fan according to smh? I’m shaking my head at that assumption. You know what happens when we ASSuME things….right? Looking foward to the news. LOL

  5. It will not be easy for the North Carolina Tar Heels when they take to the road this season….They have trips planned for Maryland, Miami, N.C. State and Duke….These will be tough road games…..Duke and UNC tend to always be the top teams on the mens side, but there are no gimmes on the road in the Atlantic Coast Conference….We play a very tough brand/style of basketball for those who haven’t followed our league that closely in the past…..This is not your grandpappy’s ACC….The ACC Today is very competitive league for basketball and for academics….You come into this league and you must prepare to learn a lot, on the court and in the classroom….Welcome to The ACC for 2012….This is not an easy league my friends….

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