The Dream Scorers

Special to…..


1. Khadeja Wilkerson: Greensboro Day: 26 pts: She dreamed BIG and had a career high!
2. Alexis Robinson: Northern Guilford: 24 pts: She is not dreaming, she is scoring
and out performing the city’s best!
3. Ronata Rogers: Greensboro Day: 23 pts: waking up out of a dream and producing
consistently lately!
Kristina King: Thomasville Prep: 21 points in win over Providence Day
4. Makayla Rouse: Dudley: 20 pts: what dreams are made of, just needs to improve on
8-26 from field!
5. Paris Kea: Page: 19 pts: city’s best guard heating up and some teams dreams will
become nightmares!
Sarah Beal: Thomasville Prep: 15 pts. in OT win over PDHS
6. Anna Massey: Wesleyan: 14 pts: “DREAM WEAVERS” on a cold winter day1
Kayla Upshaw: SEG: 14 pts: “UPSHAW REDEMPTION” will now shatter many teams dreams!
7. Kenya Hailey: SEG: 13 pts: Time to Dream Big again and go after conference
Aliyah Grinage: Northern Guilford: 13 pts: DARE TO DREAM but scoring does help!
Kara Shutt: SEG: 13 pts: I dare to SHUTT down my teams dreams of conference
Jannina Koivunen: Thomasville Prep: With 13 points vs. Providence Day


1. Sam Hunt: Dudley with 23 points vs. Oak Hill
Diante Baldwin: High Point Christian Academy with 23 points and 15 rebounds vs. Quality Education Academy

2. Malik Wright: SEG: 21 pts: Everyone else must have been having nightmares!
Tyler Lewis: Oak Hill with 21 points vs. Dudley in the Greensboro Coliseum on Monday


  1. Sam Hunts big games against University of North Carolina 36 pts and 23 against powerful Oak Hill has caused his stock to rise even more tahn what he already has on the table! He is geeting it done where he is at!

  2. When Sam’s shot is on, his game has a very nice flow to it….Big game for Dudley at Smith this Friday night….Workman and Hamlett both had some success around the basket yesterday too and that is hard to find with that big A.J. Hammons from Oak Hill in there…I have always liked Tyler Lewis’ game and the kid I thought looked real smooth for Oak Hill yesterday was the guard Jordan Adams….That kid is listed at like 6’5, but he plays smooth, like a 6’2 or 6’3 guard….

  3. Its very conceivable that Page could have both Girl (Paris Kea) and Boys (Frankie Eaves) as All Area Players of the Year. Definately conference players of the year.

  4. The season is not over with. Let’s not crown anyone yet. Anything could happen. There is at least 7-8 more conference games
    to be played. The Metro is full of outstanding players and each team has at least one contender for area player of the year and conference player of year. The team that wins the conference will probably have the conference poy. Should be a great finish to a very competitive year. Several Metro teams should go deep in the playoffs.

  5. In reality the season is about over…..The teams only have 6 more games to play in the Metro and they start their second trip through the conference this Friday night….These days the season is half over when the Pizza Hut Tournament is complete and it is 2/3’s done when we push past the MLK Day Games…..The season is almost gone and it is moving out of here in a hurry….Don’t miss the playoff train, it is leaving the station and won’t be coming back through here again this season…….First week of Feb. and the regular season will be history…..

  6. I agree with you Andy the season is almost over. The major of the girl player predicted to dominate the courts hasnt really stood out. Clency at Western is the only one who has been anywhere near earning the hype she got at the beginning! I hope who ever is selected earn POY is by performance and not by name recogition!

  7. Not for sure what you mean. I said I feel that the team that wins the Metro will probably have the conference poy. I did not say anything about the area poy. Who knows what will happen when you get all the Metro coaches behind closed doors and they start choosing all conference players and conference poy. They will have some tough decisions based on what I have seen thus far. That is a good thing though, that means the Metro is strong with good players. I have no idea how the area poy is selected, if it is selected by the Greensbor N&R then who knows who they will choose. Heck they hardley ever do any sports articles unless it is about Page. I get more information from this site then the N&R. Maybe that is why newspaper sales are on the decline.

  8. Falcon

    That is so correct and I agree. Page seems to be the only team that they try and highlite. Heck there are several girls in this conference that are having the same if not better year than the one that they are trying to promote. Heck we have a player down here in Sothern Alamance that is having a greater year and that is not intended to try and promote her, but the facts speak for themselves. There should not be no unanimous vote when this is over. Heck, we saw the person that won Area player of the year from Eastern Guilford and we all agree up in this area that it was never a question becaue the results were there no matter whom she played, plus she carried that team.

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