HS Hoops Tonight with High Point Christian at Greensboro Day School and others(HPCA over GDS, NG tops EG, AHS past NEG, WG stops Grimsley, NWG boys take SWG):More scores from you???

Do we have other boys and girls scores?????? Thanks to Dennis White/Jim Modlin for helping us with our scoreboard tonight while we were at the GDS-HPCA game…..

Final score….HPCA BEATS GDS
GDS 56

This was a very good and some ways wild game….HPCA hit their free throws down the stretch and they(HPCA Cougars) were very strong inside with Chuck Ogbodo and Michael Obacha…..Good penetration from HPCA guards Baldwin, Kent, Mack, Williams, and Gill, to set the big men….Congratulations to both teams on a hard fought game and especially to HPCA, for keeping their unbeaten record in tact…..31-30 HPCA at the half….

Northern Guilford 51
Eastern Guilford 41

Northwest Guilford 71
Southwest Guilford 64

Asheboro 65
Norheast Guilford 56


Western Guilford 54
Grimsley 47

Western  17    14       6       17      54
Grimsley  11    8        11     17      47

Mosley 19pts 13 rebounds
Reed 18 pts
Lewis 4 pts
Speller 2 pts
Woodard 9 pts
Freeman 2 pts

Wilson 12 pts
Bouknight 11 pts
Jacobs 3 pts
Banks 7 pts
Jones 4 pts
Carter 5 pts
Reader 5 pts

Greensboro Day School 64
High Point Christian Academy 38/strong>

Northern Guilford 49
Eastern Guilford 30


  1. First time i’ve ever seen a team miss so many free throws. Anyone have the box score and no exactly how many GDS missed? I counted about 18 but it could be many more. HPCA’s guards are too much for GDS to handle. Their bigs, ehh no so much. I was most impressed with #3 and #20 than any of the big men. Although neither team played as well as they’d like, I’d say GDS lost the game as opposed to HPCA winning it.

  2. Ogbodo was the difference maker. He cleaned the glass and altered many shots and scored on many put backs. HPC has some quick guards that handle pressure, get to the paint, and either finish or dish it. They will be loaded again next year. GDS has some talent but HPC has more. HPC was the better team tonight.

  3. when i saw both teams play on MLK day, I thought HPCA would win conference cause they shoot it so much better then GDS. GDS shot it better tonite then I thought they do and still lost. They also were at free throw line many more times I would guess. Don’t think I saw same game as First time – I think GDS shot better from line then HPCA.

    After the runs in the first quarter, of which GDS controlled the end of the 1st quarter, HPCA is better, not saying GDS can’t win, they are close, but HPCA is better then GDS and better then Wesleyan, they may not sweep the 4 gms between these teams, but they could and they should win conference barring rash of injuries.

    Brandon Clifford deserves so much credit, he is doing a great job, his kids are believing and will run through a wall for him, keep it up Brandon.

  4. The difference in the game was free throws, free throws and free throws. GDS did everything that they needed to do to win this game but you cannot miss (from my memory) at least 15 free throws and win a game on this level. The same free throws that GDs hit against Wesleyan were missed against HPCA. GDS also missed more open 3 pt shots tonight than any other time that I remember tonight. I do not want to take away from the HPCA win so let me be clear that HPCA was the better team tonight because they won the game (period). That being said, if these teams played 10 times, then I beleive GDS would only win 4 out of 10. HPCA does a lot of the same things well that Wesleyan does but the one skill that both of these school have that GDS does not teach or have is the ability to dribble drive and cut through the gaps. If you can cut into the gaps off the dribble, then you will break down the GDS defense easier. GDS’s 1on1 defense was not up to the task tonight and they were slow rotating back to the cutters. GDS is too reliant on their 3 pt shots falling at this point to win the State Playoffs. The current version of GDS will lose in the semi-finals of the States to either HPCA, Christ School or even Ravenscroft (especially with the game on Ravenscroft’s floor). GDS needs more dribble penetration from the point/off guard, more mid range shots from their forwards and more production from the bigs on the offensive end. On defense GDS must learn to close the gaps in the paint quicker, box out faster and run a trap at least some whether it is half court, full court or whatever. They have 10 players that can get in and out so why not use those numbers to your benefit. This GDS team will finish the year with only 4 losses – 2 already, 1 more against HPCA in High Point and the final loss to Christ School in the semi-finals in Raleigh. HPCA will play Christ School for the State Championship.

  5. New Garden lost to a very good Christian Faith Academy (Creedmore) team 82-70. Lack of depth and size were a problem but the game was close. Ingrom and Morgenstern had very good nights. They play again tonight against Carolina Friends School.

  6. Girls
    SEG – 34
    Smith – 41

    SEG played very sloppy, missed easy shots and free throws.
    Smith hit several threes and rebounded well.

    Smith boys won over SEG boys in double overtime.

  7. Either way the state championship is coming back to the triad. HPCA or GDS will win the state championship.

  8. There is no way that the GDS team that showed up last night will make it to the state championship game. They will barely make it to the semi-final game the way they played last night. They were emotionly missing last night in the 2nd half.

  9. I think it was more fatigue than “emotionally missing.” The gym was hot, but people have said all along that HPCA’s speed is tough to deal with. That along with 2 big guys really protecting the rim like that, I felt like they wore GDS down. You could see that right before halftime. GDS will be fine in the long run.

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