Girls Basketball Smith at Page

   Page (18-3, 7-2)    21    6   18    6   51
   Smith (5-5 con)      7   11   10    9   37

Page: Paris Kea 21, Aletta Smith 14, Chelsey Coleman 6, Hannah Pegram 4, Kayla Johnson 4, Brisha Barnes 2.

Smith: Brandi Robinson 12, Maili Williams 8, Alexus Phillips 8, Akera McPhaul 5, Zhaquondalee Greer 4.

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  1. When I planned to go to watch the Page-Smith boys game I decided to go a little early to catch the girls game because I thought this was gonna be a really good game. I arrived early in the 1st quarter so I was able to see majority of this game. By the end of the first quarter it was evident that the Smith Eagles were not prepared to play this game. #21 from Page dominated every aspect of that game scoring at will and making an impact on the defensive end of the floor.

    This looked like a completely different Smith team than the one that played against Western or Dudley. It was clear that the Page team was well prepared with a game plan for this game and ultimately well coached!!

    On another note the boys game was a great game. One of the most exciting I have seen all year.

    *****Had to do a little editing….Tough enough the day after and we don’t need to bury our coahces….We do appreciate the comments, but we have to respect our coaches and our teams….Team-wise they are just kids and coach-wise, they have a tough job with all the teaching, coaching and other responsibilities that they have to handle….*****

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