High School Hoops Tonight for 1/31/12

Smith at Page……For both games involved(girls/boys), best bet for money spent tonight….Both of these games mean so much to these teams…
Dudley at Southeast Guilford…Second best-bet for money spent, with the girls and boys at Leigh Brock’s Category Four(4.5) on a Five(5.0) Scale……
Southern Alamance at Western Guilford…Girls will be fun, boys might be headed in that direction, if Jeff Mosley is still climbing for WG….
Ragsdale at Northwest Guilford…..Always good/fun battles when these two schools meet, even if it were horseshoes….
Glenn at Southwest Guilford…SWG Cowgirls (17-4) and looking for more….
Northeast Guilford at Ledford….NEG boys must keep winning….Have reaced the point of no return….How far to the point of ‘No Return’? The Rams are there and there is no looking back….
Northern Guilford at Rockingham County….Autumn Carter and her Cougars pose a threat to the Nighthawks and this should make for a good game here at RC…
Western Alamance at Eastern Guilford…Boys game will be intense…EG girls should motor and Morgan should be on the floor late, with some 3’s in the air…..
High Point Central at WS Parkland….HPC in OT first time around boys and they need this one to keep pace for second place race….HPC girls should motor….
Trinity at HP Andrews…..HPA-Trinity boys, send a camera crew over to this one, it may be the best overall game of the night, for all the teams on the board….
Southern Guilford at North Forsyth….SG girls should take this one by 25-30 and the NF boys are ‘Real Deal’….Gonna be hard to beat on the road, off the road, in the ditch, the NF Viking boys are for real….
Burlington Christian at Caldwell Academy….Major matchup for CA Eagle boys…Need 10 x’s 5….Ten or more points(balance) from all five Eagle starters….
Forsyth Country Day at High Point Christian….Bounce-back game for HPCA boys after loss to WES….
Calvary Baptist at Wesleyan…..WES must win to stay on the road for GDS on Friday night at GDS….
Trinity School of Durham at Westchester Country Day…Would love to be the Trinity School bus driver if he is getting paid by the mile…TS has been in the Triad 4-5 times in the past two weeks….

*****Haven’t heard anything from New Garden Friends School or Vandalia Christian School recently, ‘Senior Trip’ Time?*****


  1. Wow!!! So many great games tonight. Thanks for this site to be able to get all scores.

  2. Bring it on over here Smith girls, Kea and company is waiting! Another notch in the belt as we head towards the conference championship!

  3. OK Western Guilford we are coming to claim your house as the Patriots invade! Our girls destroyed SEG and Smith. Our girls got that “Eye of the Tiger” and we are not going to back down. Ask Dudley? Page you gotta come our way, you got away with a four point win the first time but not in Alamance County!” PATRIOTS” Thats what we are! We are coming to Guilford county strong tonight! AND WINNING! Burnett , Boogs and company got some unfinish business to do!

  4. Ask Dudley what?? How to send the Pats back to Alamance County with the “L”…………….might wanna learn to count to 15 first…….S. Alamance will be lucky to get out of the 1st rd of the playoffs………lol

  5. Uhhh. Alamance County Troopers: Keep our name out your mouth you got slapped something silly when you came to Dudley. Focus on games you might can win

  6. lilpaws4

    We know yall expecting a butt whooping tonight at your gym against Dudley. We heard they are reeling over that one point loss and plan on humiliating yall this evening. They know the “PATRIOTS” are real and trust me, they do not want to face us again.

  7. We, the “True Patriots” are looking forward to tonights contest with host Western Guilford, all three games should be entertaining and very important to the standings. I sit reading the above comments by what I call “posers” claiming to speak for the Patriots, with feable attempts to “hype” their own team up by claiming to be Patriots. That’s fine..whatever you feel is necessary, bulletin board material has been used before. If you insist on doing this please at least spell our players names correctly as well as getting our win/loss record right. You did at least have one thing right….”we are not going anywhere and we fear no one.” One game at a time, taking none for granted. Good luck to all teams tonight. Play ball!

  8. A little trivia about S. Alamance. Before you guys were the Patriots, what was your name and what year did you change to the Patriots?

  9. SA… that loud ripping sound you heard right before the pain you felt was the buzz saw you ran into at the Western gym.

  10. Well Page Pirates! WELCOME TO ALAMANCE COUNTY ! Our girls are ready! Conference tournament is up for grabs and believe me, “WE ARE GRABBING”! OH BY THE WAY WESTERN GUILFORD, THAT SOUND YOU HEARD FROM THE PARKING LOT WAS THE TRUMPET PLAYING TAPS!

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