From now on:”If your helmet comes off during LIVE HS football action, you have to sit out one play”!

The National Federation that governs high school football action wants coaches to get fit….At least get a helmet that fits for your players and beginning this fall, if a high school football player in North Carolina has his helmet come off during LIVE action, he will be forced to sit out one play….The very next play one would assume….

CLICK HERE to check out this new rule and we’ll see what happens if this rule is not properly enforced…..Get helmets that fit!

Other new rule changes are also listed here, when you click on above….


  1. I think they should be penalized also for delay of game. I see the helmets come off and the player can put it back on without unsnapping his chin strap. That’s just plain lazy. The chin strap should be tighter and the helmet more snug.

  2. Not that big a deal. The helmet already fits, sometimes it is just going to come off. The “tuck your shirt in irritates me more!!

  3. There is no reason why a helmet should come flying off except for laziness and trying to be cool like the pros. Also I agree with the shirt tail rule. If there were no rules like this then many players would be wearing oversize pants just so they can drop their drawers along with their helmets. Have some respect for yourself and the game.

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