The Phenom Hoop Report with a look at RJ Curington

from Rick Lewis at the Phenom Hoop Report and I saw the Micrwave, RJ Curington come of the bench for Oak Hill, in the Greensboro Coliseum vs. the Dudley Panthers, back in January and the kid can play….He will surprise you how well he can play amongst all that talent on the court up at Oak Hill, but Curington is a keeper…..Read more about him when you Click on/Click in below…..

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Scouting Report: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Event: RJ Curington

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Oak Hill Academy

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The old saying “Patience is a virtue” could not be more fitting than to junior SG RJ “Microwave” Curington. RJ Curington has been attending Oak Hill since the 8th grade and is without question a model of patience.

In his junior season for Oak Hill, RJ Curington is the fourth leading scorer on the team by averaging 9.4 PPG. He is shooting 52.5% from the floor hitting on 124-236 shots while knocking down 45-97 shots from the 3 point line for an impressive 46%. In addition, he has connected on 64-83 free throws for 77.1%. While these statistics are impressive for a player coming off the bench, his high energy and efficiency has garnished his nickname “microwave.”

If you look up the definition of microwave, you will find it is a kitchen appliance that heats food by dielectric heating using microwave radiation to excite polarized molecules within the food. A microwave oven heats food quickly and efficiently. That being said, Curington is the one player that always brings that instant energy to polarize his play within the context of the game. He can score quickly and has enjoyed some break out performances during the season while averaging a little over 10 minutes per contest.