News/update on events/developments surrounding tonight’s N.C. State-North Carolina basketball game in Raleigh

When the Wolfpack wins tonight, the Wolfpack fans are going to party like it’s 1973….The unbeaten team(1973), will be honored over by the Jim Graham building(adjacent to the Dorton Arena), before tonight’s game and then they will then drive tractors across the street and into the parking lot at the RBC Center, right before the tip of tonight’s contest with UNC/North Carolina…..

David Thompson, Tommy Burleson, Tim Stoddard, Monte Towe, Rick Holdt, Paul Coder, Steve Neuce, Joe Caffery, Al Hartley, Bill Benson, Eddie Leftwich and Sam Espisito Jr. are expected to be wearing John Deere ballcaps this evening and Lenny Wertz will be called upon to throw the first moonshine intoxicated drunk from the crowd, out of the game…..We anticipate that to happen at the 19:57 mark of the first half…..

All-in-all, should be a great game tonight in Raleigh and the post-game celebration will carry on at least until 11:15pm and just in time for the start of the WRAL Sports with Tom Suiter and that will be coming to you/originating LIVE tonight, from the main stage at Cameron Village.


  1. N.C. State went unbeaten in 1973 and won all their games…Lost just once in 1974….Could not go to NCAA in 1973 and that was David Thompson’s sophomore year…On probation for DT’s recruitment….Bill Gutheridge turned them in….

  2. Ah, I looked at 73-74 team. Gotcha.

    “Bill Gutheridge turned them in….” Was Gut jury and executioner to0?

  3. Another beat down. NIT bound for boys in West raleigh. It amazes me how far state has fallen. Having to honor the 1989 team that got ousted in the Tournament by a Bob Wade coached Maryland team in the 1st round. This is delusion at it finest.

    And by the way Karl Hess for President.

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