Media Summary on NWG-Davie County with Dillard(39pts.) and Martins/Jones too much as Vikings say goodbye to Clary, Coble, Doerr, Haack and Pawlowski


1st		2nd		3rd		4th 
DAVIE COUNTY	   10		19		21		17
NORTHWEST GUILFORD   26		19		20		26

DAVIE COUNTY 21-6; 6-4
S. Dillard 39; Cody Martin 18; Caleb Martin 16; N. Jones 16; K. Tatum 2

Cody Hylton 22; Matt Pawlowski 12; Keaton Haack 12; Hunter Clary 10; Drew Coble 5; Ryan Doerr 3; Nick Powell 3

-Davie County used a very explosive 1st quarter on their way to an impressive 91-67 victory over Northwest Guilford in a 2nd round State Playoff game. The War Eagles kept their foot on the gas the entire game and never really allowed Northwest to cut into their lead despite a valiant effort from the Vikings.
-S. Dillard led Davie Co. with 39 points on steady diet of lob dunks the entire night. Twins Cody and Caleb Martin scored 18 and 16 points respectively, while N. Jones chipped in 16 more points for the War Eagles.
-Cody Hylton led the Vikings with 22 points as he made 6 three pointers. Keaton Haack and Hunter Clary finished with 12 points 10 points for Northwest. Viking point guard, Matt Pawlowski, contributed a double-double of 12 points and 11 assists.
-As the #5 seed in the State Playoffs, the War Eagles will host a 3rd round game on Friday at 7:00 pm versus the winner of the Richmond Co./High Point Central game.

The Vikings say goodbye to seniors: Hunter Clary, Drew Coble, Ryan Doerr, Keaton Haack, and Matt Pawlowski as they end an otherwise successful year. These seniors helped to lead the Vikings to their first regular season conference title since 1998.


  1. Northwest girls lost to Porter Ridge: 55-49. Natalie Harper was the team’s leading scorer with 15 points. Best of luck to all of the seniors: Natalie Harper, Alyssa Munson, Victoria McGee, Carrie Shropshire, Jordin Truesdale, and Brittany Wall. Enjoyed watching you play well all season!

  2. The NW boys played as good as they could last night but were clearly overmatched by the athleticism of the Davie County team. Those dudes were flying out of the gym. Cudos to the War Buzzards for packing up Hooterville and making the trek to NW to fill the visitor’s side of the gym. Poor turn out for NW as there were very few students there to support the team. Too much of a “wine and cheese” atmoshphere over there. The boys worked hard and had a good year. Anyway, water polo season is here ……………. yay!!!

  3. Good season for NW but it should have been better. Seniors won the conference tournament as Sophomores. Lack of defense caught up with them in big games. Davie is good but was a #5 seed. NWHS produced the you status quo and if that’s good enough for most then fine however I say its not good enough and that’s why the stands and fans are in the wine and cheese mode

  4. I was thinking that Manny stepped down after the Second Round of the sectionals back in 2010 and that he was not let go, he resigned….NWG had a very good season when you take into consideration that they claimed their first regular season conference title since 1998 and I remember back in 1998-1999, the Vikings also played in the Metro 4-A Tournament Finals at Southeast Guilford and they fell to Grimsley in the finals, when the Whirlies had Joey and Adam Cooper step up big in that final game….NWG had big Matt Bohlander and I think that Jamie Hemminway was still with NWG, as was John Gann….

    NWG has shown great strides in the past two years in working to build a basketball program and you don’t want to be going in reverse now that Coach Reavis and his staff have the program building with credibility and they have laid down a solid foundation……NWG is in good shape and it sure was peaceful this year within the Viking prgram and let’s hope the building continues….Very nice place for a kid to go to school and get an education and to play ball within the Viking programs….Real nice atmosphere at NWG…..

  5. ’98-99 was the end of the Walker Holt era @ Grimsley–John Gann had already graduated from NWG by then. Who needs Google when you have me?

  6. I agree with Andy. Coach Reavis is doing a good job at NW. NW is a great place to go school, but the unrealistic and over involved parents are the problem. NW is a great school! Let your kids enjoy it and stay out of the way. If you really don’t like it there, send your child to a private school.

  7. Tom

    In the past I would have agreed with you, but I think its an unfair assessment of this year’s team. They were a fairly close knit group of kids, and I while I am not incredibly close to the situation, I dont think I heard any stories of disgruntled parents. I know a lot of the parents were active in the booster program, and stayed that way throughout the entire year.

    I think the real point in all of this, besides the fact that Davie was incredible on the court and their fans were equally incredible in supporting their team, is the complete no-show from the NW student body. To sit in the stands at a home game, and have the visitor’s side so overflowed that a good number of the Davie folks had to sit on the home side, is embarrassing. The adults on the NW side outnumbered the students probably 5 to 1. Its unfortunate, because the administration at NW, both athletically and educationally, should understand that there can be a balance…and that the high school experience doesnt mean you should suffer academically because you decide to attend a two hour home basketball game during the week to support your fellow students participating in that sport.

  8. Good student crowd there for the Northern game and not much of crowd there this past Monday for East Forsyth….School was out Monday, but that student section at NWG, when they are there, they do make a big difference….I was in that section one night and it was wild and loud….

  9. Great point Andy. If I remember correctly, the Northern game was on a Saturday…the Western game was on a Friday, and it was electric. Reminded me of Page/Grimsley back in the 80’s.

    Please dont mistake my post, I truly dont think it is student apathy…there is not enough push from the administration to say that supporting your teams/clubs is part of the experience too. You could tell the pride that existed in the Davie County crowd.

    Lastly, I dont want to discount the students that actually did attend the game. I am sure the team did appreciate their attendance.

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