Greensboro Day School boys vs. Ravenscroft for the NCISAA 3-A Basketball Title:Ravens over Bengals in Raleigh

Ravenscroft 64
Greensboro Day 52


With 2:26 to play it is 4th Quarter late:
Ravenscroft 56
Greensboro Day 46

4th Quarter with less than 6 minutes to play:
Ravenscroft 47
Greensboro Day 43

Halftime from Raleigh:
Ravenscroft 35
Greensboro Day 24

1st Quarter with just seconds left:
Ravenscroft 19
Greensboro Day 11


  1. Not like Freddy team to lose in finals. Guess team had a letdown after the big win over HPCA. Another great year for Bengals.

    Who do they lose and who are they bringing in next year to compete w HPCA?


    – Coach Johnson has only a .500 record (7-7) coaching in state championship games.
    – Now the longest drought of Johnson’s career without a state title (now stands at 7 years).
    – GDS has lost in the last 3 state championships in which they have played.
    – Bengals failed to win their conference this year for the second time in three seasons.


  3. Seven State Titles that’s not bad at all….I’m sure there are plenty of coaches out there that would love to have at least one…..Winning a championship in half of your attempts that is pretty good too….Those things are getting tougher to win all the time in the Private School ranks…The days of having just a couple of Private School powerhouses, those days are now long gone…..You had at least five top-tier teams this year on the 3-A level and there are quite a few more that are on the rise….There will be two or three more popping up in our area next year and the number will continue to grow….Seven State Titles, again that is not bad at all and to get there fourteen times, that says a lot too…..There is a long list of coaches out there that got there, but never brought home the title…..Good job Bengals and a good season for your teams, both boys and girls and I think we’ll see GDS, HPCA and WES right back there in the big thick of things again next year and watch out for teams like Caldwell Academy and New Garden Friends….Both Caldwell and NGFS are ready to make a move and to move up too…..

  4. 21 PACIS Conference Championships
    7 NCISAA State Championships
    14 NCISAA 2nd place finishes
    10 Little 4/Pizza hut tournament titles
    833 total wins….a NC record for career wins for public/private basketball.

    You are right, numbers don’t lie.

  5. I agree with the “more facts” post.

    He is the winningest coach in North Carolina High School basketball history.

    He has won the most state championships in their classification for NCISAA.

    He has won the most Little 4 / Pizza Hut titles in tournament history.

  6. Why don’t you just change the name of this website to That would be more appropriate. I must say the support/web traffic from the pro-Bengal fanbase is impressive and without question pays the bills.

    Andy, I understand you aren’t a journalist and don’t understand the concept but constantly bowing down to everyone and arbitrarily promoting anything only adds your general lack of sports credibility. It’s absolutely hypocritical to play the role of devil’s advocate in some situations but not in others.

    Here’s the issue people: FREDDY IS LOSING HIS TOUCH, accept it!

    These accomplishments you mention are front-loaded within his career. You can’t possibly argue that Little 4/PHI titles have any significance when GDS dresses reclassified transfers (best players from all other competing teams) versus whoever is left at the surrounding area public schools.

    If you direct a team/program more than ten years or so, ultimately coaching greatness is measured by WINNING PERCENTAGE not WINS alone. Some people coach longer than others obviously, but the percentage of wins during that tenure is the important thing to note. Check the record books, FREDDY IS NOT IN THE TOP 10 in winning percentage among public and private school coaches who have coached more than 100 games.

    For a school that constantly promotes their basketball program, has such an egotistical view related to the rest of ‘us’, and possesses a so-called ‘championship or bust’ mentality EVERY YEAR why are you so sensitive to the FACTS?

  7. I wouldn’t say he is losing his touch the way they beat us by 25 in the state semis….just an observation.

  8. I would say winning over 75% of your games is pretty dang impressive.

    You sound like a jealous individual who has way too much time on your hand with that lengthy of a post.

    Good to see two teams in the state finals from the area with both girls and boys from GDS.

    Let’s hope Southwest girls and Page boys can make a run too. It would be great for the area.

  9. First of all, just for the record, i had 2 kids graduate from NW and still pull for them in this area. Don’t particularly like the brand of basketball GDS plays, but you’ve got to be kidding me Facts….

    Simple math shows that these stats are not front loaded. Coach Johnson is in his 34th year at GDS and won a state title as recently as 2006. Before that 2002 and 2000. I’m not a math major….but when he retires, those 3 dates will fall closer to the end of his career.

    Has the private school game caught up with him a bit? Seems like it, with schools like HPCA and Wesleyan having really strong programs this year. Christ school was obviously dominant the last 4-5 years while others have been up and down. But how can that take away from anything he’s done from the late 70s/early 80’s up to this point? Show me another coach who’s won as many games (you can’t). Show me another active private school coach who has made it to 14 state title games (you can’t). Coach Johnson’s winning percentage is around 77 or 78%, so here are some comparisons….

    Dean Smith career winning percentage – 77.6%
    Coach K – 76.3%
    Tom Izzo – 71%
    Jim Boeheim – 75%

    “Ultimately coaching greatness is determined by winning percentage, not wins alone.” Your statement, and fair enough. But maybe you need to check your facts if you don’t think that 77 – 78% is a tremendously successful winning percentage.

  10. Tough expectations. GDS 31-4, wins Pizza Hut, Loses to Ravenscroft at Ravenscroft in the state championship and Freddie is “losing his touch”.

    Maybe next year they will be undefeated and average 100 points a game, if he gets his “touch” back.

    Great game for Ravenscroft with a great start yesterday. GDS boys impressed me by staying focused and getting back in the game after a 12-0 deficit. Congratulations to both teams on a great season.

  11. Freddie and his coaching staff are first class acts. I would love for my son to play for GDS and be around that great coaching staff that teaches basketball and are freat role models. Ask any of the players and they will tell you the same thing. As far as winning percentage and does matters, but being in a top notch program is the reason the kids go to GDS. I f they get whio I hear is coming they will be ok. Great job Freddie and do not pay any attention to spme of the jealous people above. When people start making negative statements about you, you know you are doing something right. They are just jealous. How many coaches just would like to get to the State Championship game. Great school, great players and great coaching staff.

  12. For goodness sakes please stop hating on Coach Johnson and GDS. Say what you want but he is a great coach and everyone knows it. Why do you think all these kids keep re-classing and coming to GDS? They want to play for Freddy. They want to be on a winning team. And they did a great job of representing the triad in the State Championship.

  13. It was a great game yesterday but I have to say I was quiet disappointed in the Ravens students. They boo’d the bengal starting line and the cheerleaders. I certainly have a different impression of that school now. School looks very classy on the outside but that behavior told a different story on the inside.

  14. Actually, 7-7 in State Championships is remarkable. .500 in finals is out of this world. And 14 trips to the finals, good grief.

    For anyone to make comments against Coach Johson just shows how absolute little a person can understand about what it takes to run a program at his level. He has been and continues to have the premier program in the area, arguably the state. Running his program is a year round committment to excellence both on and off the court. If any of us have woked with young people we would understand how hard it is. His kids work hard, do well in the classroom and behave. Oh yeah, they also win nearly 80% of the time.

    Coach Johnson is simply the best.

  15. We have decided to back instead of crack on the players and coaches and we have provided quite of bit of the local sports coverage…..Where else are you gonna get this much, with updated scores, results and the etc……Maybe we put out too much, but if we cut back it will hurt the kids in the end….They still need the added and instant information made available so all can keep up with their games….

  16. I was rooting for both GDS teams, and I am still rooting for Page and Southwest next week. All of that bring said, I have said for years now that the problem with Freddie’s system is not his defense which is outstanding when in the man to man. The problems with Freddie’s style is simple. On defense he does not trap full court or half court and I think that takes away 3-4 steals per game that he could get back. Maybe he does not play that style since he has not had any good “big” men (ie 6′ 8″ or bigger) over the past couple of years. Also, his offense does not develop any dribble drives into the gaps which can free up shooters. HIs point guard this year did a good job driving but over the past couple of years that was not happening and he did not seem to encourage dribble drives. The teams that created the greatest problems for GDS this year (Wesleyan, Christ School, Ravenscroft and HP Christian) all had excellent dribble drive offensive sets. This GDS team had more weapons available than what he allowed to come out due to the system. Freddie continues to lose the high D1 players to other programs because the high D1 players have been trained and are being told by college coaches that they need to learn how to dribble drive and create offensive plays. Freddie also will pull kids quick when they make even 1 mistake. A lot of kids are afraid to commit to a program that will pull them after 1 missed off balance shot or turnover. The GDS program is great and it represents our community well. Hopefully Freddie can adjust with the times or find those missing pieces before next year.

  17. Thank God Coach Johnson doesn’t teach that high pick and roll dribble penetration basketball! He teaches the fundamentals and that is what wins. There are only a couple of college teams that can win with that type of offense. You have to be extremely athletically gifted to run that brand of ball. AAU teams play that dribble penetration brand of offense and it is unwatchable. Great for stats, bad for wins!

  18. ummm, GDS runs the dribble drive offense. They have variations out of it, but that is what they run. Also, HPCA won 30 games playing a free-flowing style. Looks chaotic at times, but it relies on kids making reads and decisions on the fly. That is how the game is played today. The days of running sets everytime down the floor is over. Look at any level of basketball.

  19. They run the dribble drive offense among other sets. Their sets are well orchestrated and everybody knows what they are doing. They share the ball very well. Most of the other teams that run this use the pass as a last resort. The way GDS runs their offenses is very different than most other teams. It is obvious that they are well coached and that the kids buy into it.

  20. There are multiple well-coached teams in this area that run motion offense: GDS, HPCA, Page and I am sure there are more. GDS executes very well and that’s why they are good. HPCA is a much faster-paced offense that really relies more on transition than the half-court. They are well-coached in that style. Page uses a 5-out type of set that will cut you to death, their group of seniors have ran it for 4 years. They are very well-coached in that system. There are more teams as well. My point is, that every coach has their own style. Just because GDS relies on more half-court execution it doesn’t mean they are better coach that plays a more uptempo style like an HPCA. Just 2 different styles though this year they were pretty similar. Both teams along with Page are good at what they do and are very well-coached. Every team cannot be coached the same way.

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