More key high school scores from Tuesday night’s NCHSAA Playoffs with Bill Walton’s Reidsville Rams and Tommy Cole’s Lady Bulldogs advancing

2-A Boys in Fayetteville at the Crown Coliseum…..
Reidsville 60
Cummings 55, (2OT)

Reidsville coached by Bill Walton, the former Grimsley Whirlies cocach….

3-A GIRLS in Fayetteville
Burlington Williams 47
Chapel Hill 46

BW Lady Bulldogs coached by Tommy Cole…..

Western Regional
3-A Girls UNCG
Hickory 62
R-S Central 56

Charlotte Harding 63
Berry Academy 44


  1. Is Burlington Williams in the same conference as Northern ? If yes, why ain’t the Northern and Eastern Guilford people at least throwing out some love for the Burlington Williams team ? I know that it is your competition but I think it is a good sign of a good conference when you or your competition within the conference can compete and beat the best of other conferences. That speaks well of your program and how you may have faired if you were in that situation. Plus, I would at least want to know that I competed and could have beat the best. Personally I pull first for my kids or community school, then for all Greensboro schools, then all Guiford Co schools, then all triad schools and finally all NC schools if against national competition. I will at least say – go Burlington Williams (girls) and Reidsville (boys) – you are the only remaining hopes for the triad to bring home titles along with the Southwest or W Forsyth girls.

  2. I agree, it seems like basketball don’t exist around here if Page, Northern Guilford, Grimsley etcc… does not appear in the headlines. Eastern Guilford was never considered too high on this areas screen bcause they are out in Gibsonville. Dudley is more on a love hate relationship. I guess when the media proclaim such Metro conferences as powerhouses and seems like Southwest Guilford and Burlington Williams are actually getting the job done, its best to act like it does not exist. Outof sight is out of mind. Maybe you should be directing your sentiments to the News-Records where mainstream reads and centers their attention. Wouldn’t you agree?

  3. The News & Record should be retitled “The Wow and Ignore”. The News and Record is the worst newspaper in this state. Their website consistently has information that is 5-10 plus old as its front page information. They basically only reprint AP stories from else where and they don’t do any level of investigating reporting for business, sports or general news. The only reason that paper exist is because they were established years ago and no one has the money to establish a new carrier in the area. Niche sites such as are the true “news” carriers in this area even though its a blog. Other papers such as the News & Observer in Raleigh and the Charlotte Observer carry real time headlines and sports stories. Those papers carry real stories not only about the national events but local events within our community. They don’t even put local high school sports scores online. They really think people are stupid enough to buy their paper just to get this type of info. Why? I will just continue to log onto this site and get all of the necessary sports stories and scores that I need today and next year. I would not be surprised to see the News & Record go out of business within the next year or two within this economy.

  4. I am a Northern fan and I would love to see Burlington Williams win. Getting this far is quite an accomplishment.

  5. To “Where Is the Love”: Did you really say that???? Where was your bright and shining face last Saturday when Williams beat Southern Lee for the District title? And were you there when Williams faced Rockingham in the semi finals of the conference tournament? No, well, we were…in fact, quite a few of our team was there. For the game last Saturday against Southern Lee, we coaches from the Lady Cats were there as well as several members from our student body. The love is there…we assisted one of their players get the word out on her senior project for the “Play for Kay” game held at Williams against EGHS. We assisted and Kelly Moser has raised over $11,000 for the Kay Yow Cancer Foundation. The only reason we were not in attendance at last night’s game is due to our son playing baseball and having a game. And yes, the love is there…speaking for the Lady Cats, we hope the Lady Bulldogs win it all…it just makes common sense…if they win, it makes the rest of us in the Mid State 3A look that much better. Go get ’em Tommy!!!

  6. Just for the record, I don’t have a dog in the fight for any of the remaining teams other than being a supporter of any teams left for the triad area. I think it is great that you all have been supporting the Williams team with so much energy. Unfortunately, we don’t hear enough about stories such as what it appears you all have done. Hopefully others in the triad are supporting the teams left.

  7. Sadly, the Greensboro “Screws and Snob” does a really bad job covering high school athletics in the county…unless it’s the big four and a couple of other incidents w/ county schools… The Burlington Times has traditionally done an excellent job covering EGHS athletics over the years, even though we are in Guilford County. Andy has done an excellent job here recognizing the athletic accomplishments of our athletics and athletes… I would just caution you to be careful of how you criticize a school for what they are not doing… just because some school is not blogging the praises ot their fellow conference foes and rivals, that does not mean that support is not there.

  8. Good point Wildcat. I agree that Eastern Guilford has been one of the more productive girls basketball teams in this area for a long time as well as many of their players. Burlington times news papers have always been fair to all the schools and they recognize players and teams based on actual production which is the way it should always be. No media outlet should try an overlook any school because it may not be its favorite. Just tell the story based on the facts and let those facts speak for themselves. Nothing else should come into the picture.

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