Girls Early-season Top Ten Softball Poll:SEG holds down the Top Spot in first installment of the season

Got in touch with some of our area high school Softball coaches back over last weekend and asked if they could come up with a Top Ten Poll for us and here we go with our First Girls Softball Top Ten Poll…..We will have our first Baseball Poll coming out on Friday and we plan to re-print the Softball Poll along with the baseball on Friday and for now, here it is and let know what you think and send us some feedback along to the site…..This is from the coaches and we thank them for their time and efforts….

1)Southeast Guilford
2)Southern Alamance (in Guilford conference)
3)Northwest Guilford
4)Northern Guilford
5)Eastern Guilford
7)Northeast Guilford
8)Southwest Guilford
10)Western Guilford


  1. Southern Guilford is strong this year. They need to be in the top 5.
    Eastern is too high.
    High Point Christian is good too.

  2. The ratings on the bottom five arent even close…Eastern way too high. Western is a better team than Page and they already beat them this year. Dudley way too high.Western should be 5 or 6, eastern 10, dudley 9 and page 8.

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