HS Softball from Wednesday night for our area 10’s

Used to coach girls softball and had some limited success doing it, but that was back in the days of Slow-pitch softball and now we have the fast-pitch version and do they still use the 10-player format….Haven’t seen many recent games and need to get schooled on that current part of the game……They used to use the short-fielder and now? Most of the time we are only checking for the scores and the stats and we have that today from Wednesday’s action….Our new Girl’s Softball Poll got some people talking yesterday and that’s a good thing and we need to keep that going….

#1 Southeast Guilford 17
Grimsley 2
(4 Innings)….Grimsley is going to have to bring back that old dependable hurler/pitcher Stephie Stutts…They could use her reliable arm this year, to give the Whirlies a boost and that way Armentrout wouldn’t have to throw every day, but maybe that’s the way it is with the Fast-pitch softball, you want the same pitcher out there every game????? For SEG on Wed., it was Celeste Shepard again on the hill, as WP and Kara Shutt[3-3] had another HR and two doubles and 3 RBI’s, in fact SEG hit four home runs as a team, with Shutt, McNeil, Strouth and Zrilanka all going long/yard/deep/out-of-here…..Zrilanka added a Triple and went 2-3 and McNeil was 2-2 to show for her efforts, on the day

Northwest Guilford 3
Northern Guilford 1

Herrin with 7 strikeouts for NWG and I don’t see Heather Baker’s name in there for NG, guess she graduated and moved on to the next level…Ashton Dobbins(P) out there(on the hill) both days for NG this week….

Page 13
Mount Tabor 6
(6 Innings)
Page led by WP Hayley Green and the bats of Hamrick and Flaherty…


  1. Softball has changed and we are fortunate to several REALLY GOOD girl’s softball teams in our area. North Davidson high school has a program over there that is second to none and at one point was the #1 team in the country! Nice to see some coverage of girls softball –

  2. Davidson County has a huge following for fastpitch softball. Their media folks cover softball
    better than any I have seen. It’s great to see sites like this one starting to follow the sport
    in our area. There are some very talented players in our area. Too bad the local media has
    not jumped on the wagon, I really don’t expect them too. However, Danny Harnden did do
    a great job on a couple TV pieces back when I coached at Pleasant Garden when our girls were
    very young. I hope the news folks will hit some on the local games and get these girls some TV time.
    Maybe we can get Andy out to one of the big games and do a broadcast.

  3. Zrilanka plays for Grimsley. The above article states that she plays for SEG. Also, the previous pitcher for Grimsley was McKenna Stutts who graduated in 2008, Stephanie Stutts, a senior at Grimsley, was a 1st baseman.

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