N.C. State hangs on/in to beat UVA at the ACC Tournament in Atlanta:Face hated Heels on Saturday

ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia:
N.C. State 67
Virginia 64

North Carolina State scoring:
C.J. Leslie 19 pts./14 rebounds…..
Lorenzo Brown 15
Richard Howell 10
Scott Wood 8
C.J. Williams 6
Alex Johnson 5
DeShawn Painter 4

*****# 1 Seed North Caroloina vs. #5 Seed N.C. State on Saturday in the ACC Tournament Semifinals and just like the ‘old days’ and remember what used to happen in the ‘Old Days’???? ‘Twas 1974, 1983, 1987 and 7 other times, N.C. State won the Men’s ACC Basketball Tournament and they are getting ready to do it again in 2012….The time is now and the Heels are going down daddy!!!!!*****
(Is tomorrow(Saturday) the final? It may as well be….For N.C. State, this is a one-game playoff series, to see if they can get in the NCAA Tournament…..)


  1. This is the game ;that the fans really wanted…..Duke-Carolina just isn’t that good any more. Last Saturday night’s game in Durham is proof of that….N.C. State-North Carolina is back in vouge for Saturday….Just ask Bill Friday….

  2. “James” said – ‘N.C. State will cut down the nets on Saturday” – this is why none of the teams from State ever seem to win any championships. You all think the championship is won on Saturday. Just so all of you cow worshipping people know, the ACC tournament championship is played and won on Sunday afternoon around 3 or 3:30pm. You can cut the nets down on Saturday but your AD Debbie Yow must pay for the extra nets needed on Sunday when the actual on court winner is crowned.

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