Congratulations to the Villains from Bishop McGuinness, as they win their seventh straight NCHSAA Girls 1-A Basketball Title

Congrats to the young ladies from Bishop McGuinness High School today, on their 60-44 win over Chocowinity Southside and that gives the Bishop girls, led today by Sammi Goldsmith and Cameron Nieters, seven-straight NCHSAA Girls 1-A Basketball Championships and that is quite a run and the old coach John Wooden never saw or did anything like that with his UCLA Bruins….Seven in a-row…Oh no, and Oh my, time to get Dick Enberg in here and you can read more on this feat, when you CLICK HERE for the local Greensboro News and Record and Jason Wolf…..Great job Bishop and some kind of record now for the Lady Villains coach, Brian Robinson…..


  1. The division they play in is determined by the size of the school. Trust me, the fans would like to get out of 1A. Those drives to Surry and Stokes County can get old.

    The girls do play some games against schools outside 1A. I know they have played SWG.

  2. Why move up B? We don’t have the same number of kids to choose from as 3A and 4a. Our girls beat the defending 4a champs and from what I’ve seen 2 teams in our league are better than a lot of 3a schools (mt airy, N Surry). You must think bishop is a typical private school by making that comment but we aren’t. We can’t recruit like hpca, wcd, wesleyan etc… We have to abide by 3 sets of rules 1) private school rules 2) public school rules since we are in that conference 3) bishop’s own rules that require kids to sit for a year if they transfer in. Also, why would bishop want to move when girls basketball is the only consistent winner at the school right now?

  3. I do not want to hear the garbage about not recruiting. My daughter is an exceptional AAU player in a rival organization, and she has been actively recruited. It is not even very subtle. The same set of rules do not apply. They work around it by trying to get us to come in 8th and 9th grade-///

  4. 1. Explain to me how it’s recruiting to ask a rising 9th grader if they’re interested in playing at bishop? Rising 9th graders can do what they want because they are not locked into a high school especially if they live in forsyth county due to open enrollment. If bishop actively recruited all of their teams would be in the upper echelon of 1A sports. I’m the jv boys coach at bishop and I haven’t asked one kid to come to bishop. I’ve had multiple parents seek me out which I’m sure is the case with the girls program but I won’t speak for them. BTW it sounds like you have a problem with coach robinson moreso than bishop. Maybe that’s due to losing to his aau teams or for whatever reason but don’t lump all of bishop in to one category. If I wanted to go out and get kids I could very easily but I choose not to. Good luck to your daughter in the future.

  5. Coach,
    You want this to go viral with recorder cell phone conversations, then let it be. My advice is for you to continue coaching JV basketball there and let it be. Sometimes, that’s the best course of action. People are dying for what I have in every classification, You are way too far down the pecking order there to try to be the spokesperson.
    Just saying’…..

  6. #1 – Bishop is playing in a league far below their talent. They are a high level team playing in a low level league. 1A public school basketball for girls is equal to playing a middle of the road middle school team in Greensboro. Periodically you will have a few 1A teams that will have that one all star that is a future college player but most 1A schools are terrible compared to any average 3A or 4A school. The bottomline is that size matters so it is not the 1A schools fault that they do not have the same feeder system as the larger 3A or 4A schools in the larger counties.

    #2 – The rules that “coach Bowden” pointed out really would not matter if Bishop did what everyone thinks they should do which is play in a 2A or 3A private school league. Bishop should not be playing in the public school system but instead in the private school conference system. With the private system, a kid is eligible to play the first year that they transfer and that would drive even more kids to Bishop. According to what I read, Bishop has rough 520 students between the 9-12 grades which would make them a 3A private school equal with schools like Forsyth Country Day, GDS, Wesleyan, and HPC. Actually Bishop has more 9-12 graders than any of the other private schools in the entire triad so help me understand how they could not compete against similar private schools.

    #3 – Bishop has been able to get some great players to come to their program, they have a great coach and they do play a few good teams but their 1A public school conference schedule and playoff teams are a joke compared to what teams like SW, Dudley, NW and Page must play. Bishop’s bench would likely finish 2nd or 3rd in the state for 1A public schools.

    Question – why is Biship not playing more of the talented private school teams such as Providence Day, Thomasville Prep, Carolina Day, GDS or Carolina Friends.

    It is always good to win whatever schedule is put in front of you but why be a big fish in a little pond? Bishop is basically the big bully on the playground that looks like a women playing against little middle school girls.

  7. Maybe I am too far down in the pecking order since this is my first year at bishop. Its not like I haven’t been in these rodeos before. I coached at GDS last year and before that I was a Vars asst at northwest. I won’t speak for the girls program anymore. All I can say for 100 percent certainty is that I don’t recruit kids. You guys are wanting bishop to move to 3a private so they can play gds etc. If we were under those rules don’t you think bishop would have some of those kids that go to those schools? Those schools win games but not championships. As far as 1a compared to 4a, bishop beat SW and I’d bet N surry would beat them too bc they are bigger than most 4a schools. You guys always dis on the 1a-2a schools like they’re no good. Look at WS prep and West stokes boys. They beat a ton of 4A teams and the same can be said for girls. Greensboro ppl think good bball is only played in this city. When is the last time a greensboro guys team won the state championship?? Don’t talk to me about what page, SW, NW and dudley do. They all lose regularly in the 2nd-3rd round and Dudley has their academy so don’t act like they don’t get kids. Finally, let it be known that I’m speaking for myself, no other coaches or ppl from bishop. I’ve just been around gboro long enough to hear people whine about everything when other teams do well.

  8. You continue to say that “you do not recruit”, but you admit you might be too far down the pecking order, right? Assistant coaches are just than in HS, assistants. My guess is that you don’t teach there and show up after you leave your day job. Yes, a winning and successful girls 1-A program with limited success for their prized D1 women’s scholarship winners— not mentally tough and prepared for the world of athletic women–look @ the three or four that there were, why don’t you? Yes, 1A bullies but that was the idea anyway, wasn’t it?

  9. evasive info, all I’m saying is that I can only speak for what I do 100% of the time. I’m not around any of the other coaches all the time. I know the rules we have and I follow them as well as my staff. And I’d hate to tell you guys this but if bishop was still private 3A they’d be bullying those schools too. As far as mentally tough, there is no high school program in the country than can get kids ready for the mental toughness they need to endure a long schedule at the D-1 level. You can help prepare but you can’t get them on that level, if you don’t believe me look at james mcadoo at unc. He wasn’t even playing in December and now he has become a solid contributor. To B, I’m not being ignorant of anything but I thought ORMA didn’t have teams anymore?

  10. you just lost all credibility. the only sport they excel in is women’s basketball where they recruit. all other sports are barely competitive in 1A. Say all you want folks. Bishop recruits, has a very broad area to draw from(Stokes, Alamance, Guilford, Davidson, Iredell, Surry, Randolph, etc.)—–I think that takes open enrollment in Forsyth county way beyond the original intent.

  11. the trouble with moving up from 1A is the only sport Bishop dominates in is girls basketball. They have some good teams in other sports, but some are perennially in the bottom of the conference.

    NCHSAA sets the class based on attendance. With 2012 enrollment of 547, Bishop is squarely in the 1A tier, the same as Mt. Airy. N Surry is 2A and both are in the same conference as Bishop – Northwest 1A/2A. The Girl’s non-conference schedule usually includes Dudley and/or SW Guilford (who they beat this year), as well as nationally ranked teams from around the country. Given that this year Mt. Airy beat Bishop 3 times, N Surry beat them once and 3 of their wins were in OT, I’m not sure they’re playing “far below their talent” As far as playing other private schools, they do, but NCHSAA only allows them so many non-conference games each year. They have participated in Providence Day School’s scrimmage tournament before the season starts, which also puts them up against some strong teams.

    The NCHSAA has rules against recruiting – coaches of other 1A schools in the NW Conference have stated they don’t think Bishop recruits. Most of the girls that have played for Bishop in the last 10 years (39 of 47 or 83%) have come from the Catholic feeder schools. Even if they wanted to recruit, it’s a little tough to do and then hand the prospective parent a bill for $8,000+ per year. For what it’s worth only 1 or 2 girls each of the past 4 years from the combined JV and varsity girls teams. The whole squad (JV & V) only had 18 girls playing this year.

    In addition to their other rules, the NCHSAA has 2 specific to non-boarding parochial (Catholic) schools – 1: no scholarships for athletes, 2: any transfer from a public high school has to sit out of athletics for 1 year.

    For the Record – you state “Bishop’s bench would likely finish 2nd or 3rd in the state for 1A public schools.” ummmm, this topic was started with “Congratulations to the Villains from Bishop McGuinness, as they win their seventh straight NCHSAA Girls 1-A Basketball Title”, so for the last 7 years Bishop’s bench has finished 1st in the state for 1A public schools.

  12. “The Girl’s non-conference schedule usually includes Dudley and/or SW Guilford (who they beat this year)”

    “And I’d hate to tell you guys this but if bishop was still private 3A they’d be bullying those schools too.”

    Big difference between playing a 3A or 4A school once or twice a year and having to face one once a week.

  13. I don’t know how I lost any credibility, all I stated were facts. Since you guys seem to think 4A basketball is all everything. Let’s examine the piedmont triad 4A women. SW very good, NW good, EF decent this year but awful in the past couple of years, hpc was really good but have dropped off since coaching change,Parkland-Ragsdale-Glenn awful. Now take the 1A and match them up. Bishop beats SW, Mt Airy and N. Surry are better than anyone else in the piedmont triad. So, Matt please try to tell me again how the piedmont triad 4a is better than the NW 1a/2a. Stop thinking 4A is world beaters because I can prove on the men’s side as well as the ladies that 1a and 2a teams can handle their own. All the A means is the number of kids at your school, not how well your program is run, how well you coach or how talented the players you have coming in are. Greensboro has a few select schools that win at one sport while other schools win at other sports. No dominant team or school. I appreciate your support of the 4A schools but it shouldn’t come at the expense of the smaller schools.

  14. According to “matt” Bishop would bully the private 3A schools. So, “Matt” you really think Bishop would have bullied teams like GDS, Thomasville Prep, Providence Day, Charlotte Christain, Carolina Day or even Carolina Friends. You have lost your mind if that is what you believe. Nobody is saying that all 4A, 3A or any other league for public or private is the best but there is no way that you can tell me that those 1A and 2A top programs would have been near the top of the 4A conference if they were in those leagues. I will admit that the top 1-2 teams out of Surry Co ususally are pretty good teams so I don’t want to take away from them but I don’t think they would finish in the top 1-3 teams in a conference such as the Metro. Bishop should schedule some of the local private programs such as GDS, Thomasville Prep, New Garden Friends, etc..

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