No return of Mike Giomi and Vinny Del Negro:North Carolina tops N.C. State 69-67 and the Heels are led by who??? Watts!!!

ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament Semifinals in Atlanta:
North Carolina 69
N.C. State 67

C.J. Leslie fouled out for State and Tyler Zeller made the early exit due to fouls for UNC….Tar Heel coach Roy Williams spoke in the post-game interview and said he thinks the N.C. State Wolfpack should get/receive a bid to the NCAA Tournament….Hope he’s got some pull/clout…….No return today of the men that helped the Pack pull it out and win the ACC Tournament back in 1987…..That was Mike Giomi, the Indiana-transfer and Vinny Del Negro, now coaching somewhere in the NBA….Very good game today and this one put some of the kick back in the Tourney…..But a late State negative was, the Pack had the ball three times in the last minute either tied, or down by two points and they threw the ball away or turned it over each time down the floor…..
*****STAR OF THE GAME for North Carolina***** Justin Watts…..Who? Justin Watts….He was all over the place today and gave the Heels 18 key minutes and for State, the man that didn’t show up again, Scott Wood….Two points total today for Scott Wood and something like 1-6 from the floor…..The Wood is wet and has not been able to catch fire in the second half of this 2012 season…..

North Carolina scoring:
Tyler Zeller 23
Harrison Barnes 16
Kendall Marshall 12
James Michael McAdoo 9
Reggie Bullock 5
Justin Watts 2
P.J. Hairston 2

N.C. State scoring:
C.J. Leslie 22
Lorenzo Brown 16
Richard Howell 11
Alex Johnson 8
DeShawn Painter 5
C.J. Williams 3
Scott Wood 2


  1. Star OF The Game for the Heels is the the Ref that swallowed his whistle in the last 10 seconds of the game, they wanted to make sure Karl Hess was not forgotten.

  2. Interesting comment from the Charlotte Observer site:

    Anonymous said…
    Officials ruined the flow of the game. Two good teams, a lot on the line, and instead of a great contest we got steady flow of bad calls both ways and loss of great players down the stretch. Looks like they are getting even for Hess. Players made it a game despite the officials, but ACC should be embarrassed that this was on National stage. Wolfpack lost it, not officials, but they sure stole the joy of the game from the fans.

  3. I know of no fanbase that spends so much time convincing themselves that every referee in every game is out to screw them. It is really both comical and sad.
    Did the officials throw the ball away with the score tied and under a minute to play?
    Did the officials make Gottfried leave his star player in the game with 4 fouls and 8 minutes left in the game?
    I actually thought the officiating was equally bad against both teams.

  4. I agree with the coach and Karl. Karl Hess should be in the ACC Hall of Fame at the Greensboro Coliseum. Karl did not cost N.C. State this game today. He wasn’t even there and some might say the other officials were not there either, but I still agree with Coach Smith and Karl Hess. KH is our best ref in the ACC and he has made us what we are today and HBO should do a KHBO feature on Mr. Hess. I think Christian Laettner and Grant Hill have a documentary set to air on TRU TV tomorrow night….Karl Hess is just as big of an ACC Legend as Laettner and Hill….

  5. Someone said this here at our site( earlier today:

    If K.H. Karl Hess would have been there today, I think N.C. State would have had a better chance to win….Karl gives kids like C.J. Leslie a chance to play…The guys with the loud mouths like a Corchiani and Gugliotti are usually asked to leave the game and Calvin Leslie is a very quiet young man….

    Some have called Karl Hess, K.H./Knucklehead Hess, but I say we should make him the head of ACC officials…..Wonder what other fans are thinking/saying….

  6. Hey Costas, if Hess is so good then why wasn’t he there today? ………………I’ll tell you why, he was not asked to work the event. I wonder why?

    The refs are not out to get State but they did ruin a good game today. Even Kendal Marshall said on CBS that it was a foul and he lowered his shoulder.

    Reminds me of the Time Warner TV commercial when the jury is sitting there and one juror says, “he admitted to doing it”, and the other juror says, “i wouldn’t trust him”.

  7. I saw those calls on TV and then heard talk about them on the radio….Those were very questionable calls, especially the non-charge call on Kendall Marshall…State had their chances and let some get away late, by with the TV footage, Mark Gottfried and N.C. State have a very stong case here for getting ripped…..It makes it look like the Wolfpack got ripped off and the tape don’t lie…..This will be a hot topic for the next few days….

    It looks like North Carolina got away with one here and it should have been N.C. State vs. Florida State for the ACC Title on Sunday…..Do others see it this way or is there some missing evidence here???

  8. As one of the announcers said the last 10 seconds of the game should be called just like the first 10 seconds of the game, those were both fouls on the heels, the refs are trying to make a statement this weekend about Karl Hess not being there.

  9. So smh is back spouting off more nonsense.That light blue Koolade must get him more inebriated than Tequila.
    He must have watched a different game than the rest of us.
    The CJ Leslie charge was a correct call in that he lowered his shoulder and initiated contact with the UNC defender.
    The Kendall Marshall no call with 0:12 to go was wrong in that it was very similar to what Leslie did some 8 minutes earlier.
    The only thing different was that Marshall lowered his shoulder even more than Leslie and his charge was ignored and became the no call that decided the game.
    As for smh second guessing Coach Gottfried for playing Leslie with 4 fouls, that was a coaching decision only he can make,
    Gottfried is at practice each day with his players and he knows what each is capable of doing.I think that smh is concerned that Gottfried is rapidly upgrading the NC State program to where it can catch up with UNC.

  10. Perhaps smh should be scared of Gott.
    Remember Roy is much older than Gott as well.
    BTW congratulations to another coach today : Leonard Hamilton!
    For the 2nd time this year NOLES>holes.

  11. N.C. State should make the field of 64/66/68 whatever…They played great in the ACC Tournament and the Wolfpack beat St. Bonaventure earlier this season and the Bonnies just won the Alantic 10 over Xavier….State played Vanderbilt tight back in December and Vandy just upset Kentucky to win the SEC…The ACC is more interesting and relevant now with more choices besides Duke and UNC and that is because of the rise of Florida State and N.C. State….

    N.C. State deserves to be in the field…….

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