Looking at High School Numbers so far this season:’The Game Tracker’

We are starting to get our numbers together and we can start with the home runs and then build to the pitching victories and then soon we ought to be able to start adding in the RBI……

On the Home Runs, or the run home for some, so far this is what we have been seeing and if you have more we can be adding more….

Jaylin Davis(NEG) 3 HR’s
Boston New(Caldwell) 3 plus 13 RBI
Kyle Morrison(Ragsdale) 2
Blake Butler(SEG) 2
Matt Orth(SWG) 2
Austin Coltrane(Northern Guilford) 2
Donnie Sellers(Westchester) 2
Adam Gunn(Eastern Guilford) 1
Jacob McCann(NEG) 1
Seth O’Fallon(Grimsley) 1
Sean Geoghean(SWG) 1
Rick Powell(Dudley) 1
Brant Williams(Northern Guilford) 1
DC Arendas(Northern) 1
Nick Schofield(Page) 1
Trey Dobson(Page) 1
Tanner Trantham(Morehead) 1
Joe Pantuso(Ragsdale) 1
Mitch Carstens(Ragsdale) 1
Dallas Newton(SEG) 1
Justin Reece(SEG) 1
Brandon Burkes(Dudley) 1

Dallas Newton(SEG) [3-0]
Johnny Rollins(Wesleyan) [3-0]
Matt Kaplan(Northern) [2-0]
Adam Kirkman(WCD) [2-0]
Jeffrey Harris(McMichael) [2-0]

*****I was investigating one batting average last night and found out that Austin Bain, from Southeast Guilford, is hitting right at .600(for 2012) and the wild thing is, that he has nothing but Doubles and Triples so far this season, and that means NO singles and he has played in every Falcon game(5) and he has batted per average, at least three times( 3 AB) per game….***** A little sidenote or footnote if you will, for our studies….*****


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