Photo Gallery from last night’s Dudley-Southeast Guilford baseball game with Jacobelli vs. Kimber

Great high school baseball game last night with SEG at Dudley and the two pitchers both went the distance and they both pitched great games….Craig Jacobelli had 10 K’s for SEG and I wonder how many strikeouts that Corey Kimber ended up with for Dudley….Quite a battle last night and loads of college and pro scouts at that game….SEG took the win 2-0 and you can Click On below and get a look at our photos from that game with our focus on Dudley, since we just shot SEG last Friday night versus Southern Alamance….Click on one and it will then begin to take you through the whole set….


  1. Nice pictures…..always wanted a set of snapshots of the Dudley High School field crew. Seriously, even a shot of the tamper at home plate.

  2. Must be some type of demand for this….A lot of people are looking this over…..Seems to be a hot item today….We got the crew, the coaches, the players to some degree when all you can do it shoot thorough netting and we were updating the score all throughout the game here on the net…To be honest with you, that is about all that I can do….We were also updating other games durng this one….If you think that is worthless more power to you……

  3. I totally agree with Vegas Mike on this one! Andy, you and the others do your best to cover the entire area. You cannot be at 20 different places at one time. I am sure that someone could email you their pictures for you to upload. Also, it is up to the coaching staff or someone else to update you on games. You are doing a Public Service for all and those that complain need to step up to the plate or keep quiet.

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

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