Metro 4-A All Conference Teams for Winter 2012 with Top Players and Coaches

Released today by the Metro 4-A Conference……..


Frank Eaves Page
Bryson Fonville Page
James Summers Page
DJ Alston Dudley
Sam Hunt Dudley
Tracy Gathings BL Smith
Drew Williams BL Smith
Adrian Wimbush BL Smith
Tevin Johnson SE Guilford
Malik Wright SE Guilford
Jeff Mosley Western Guilford
Reggie Wilson Grimsley
Dairyon Matkins Southern Alamance
Player of the Year: Frank Eaves School: Page
Coach of the Year: Robert Kent School: Page


Essence Abraham Dudley
Lakiya Rouse Dudley
Makala Rouse Dudley
Chelsey Coleman Page
Kayla Johnson Page
Paris Kea Page
Hollie Boggs Southern Alamance
Shaylen Burnett Southern Alamance
Alexus “Jo-Jo” Neal-Phillips BL Smith
Brandi Robinson BL Smith
Kenya Hailey SE Guilford
Kara Shutt SE Guilford
Brittany Clency Western Guilford
Player of the Year: Paris Kea School: Page
Coach of the Year: Debbie Jones School: Page


Joseph Adams Grimsley
Pieter Brower Grimsley
McKenzie Cole Grimsley
Percy Gates Grimsley
Patrick McMullen Grimsley
Joseph Riley Grimsley
Tyler Zieg Grimsley
Matthew Crumpton Page
Davis Knox Page
Jared Martin Page
Isaac Klinger Southeast Guilford
Jacob Thomas Southeast Guilford

Swimmer of the Year: Percy Gates Grimsley
Coach of the Year: Nicole Krasowski Page


Halle Beeler Page
Jill Bernstorf Page
Maggie Farrell Page
Emily Gebbie Page
Miller Townes Page
Haley Atkins Grimsley
Megan Brannigan Grimsley
Caitlin Cockcroft Grimsley
Natalie Harris Grimsley
Alex Kreager Grimsley
Natalie Labonge Grimsley
Ryann Reid Grimsley
Alicia Rouche Grimsley
Erin Schoonhagen Grimsley
Hannah Stacey Grimsley
Caty Ubertini Grimsley

Swimmer of the Year: Natalie Harris Grimsley
Coach of the Year: Nicole Krasowski Page


Rodney Allen Southeast Guilford
Adam Couch Southeast Guilford
Pierson Fields Southeast Guilford
Daniel Hinshaw Southeast Guilford
Zoe Mitchell Southeast Guilford
Aaron Roberts Southeast Guilford
James Ryan Southeast Guilford
CJ Tolbert Southeast Guilford
Jonathan Bennett Dudley
Randell Diabe Dudley
Evan Jeter Dudley
David Moore Dudley
Andre Nie Dudley
Reggie Turman Dudley
Jovan White Dudley
Cody Boswell Southern Alamance
Jake DeAngelo Southern Alamance
Tony DeAngelo Southern Alamance
Damien Duck Southern Alamance
Glenn Nichols Southern Alamance
Joey Moon Southern Alamance
Nicholas Batten Western Guilford
Saul Gonzalez Western Guilford
Caleb Starnes Western Guilford
Isaac Starnes Western Guilford
Josh Taylor Western Guilford
Faris Teia Page

Wrestler of the Year: Tony DeAngelo Southern Alamance

Coach of the Year: Jim Cox Southeast Guilford


  1. Can someone please explain to me how a coach (SA Ron Boggs) who went from 2-26 (approx) to 20-8 not get coach of the year over a coach(Page) that went 17-9 to 21-6? A team (SA) that went from 7th place(Last place) to third and a team that went from 3rd to second(Page)? Set aside all the bias and explain to me how can you come to this conclusion logically? Ron Boggs (SA) got shafted…….If you have quantifiable proof (numbers) to use, why not use them? Whatever system is used to come to this conclusion is outdated , ridiculous and most definitely biased! Give credit where credit is due! SA is here to stay…..get used to it!

  2. Thank you again for grabbing attention for yourself Tracy. Can you just let the kids and coaches be recognized for their achievement without always feeling like someone is taking something from you. The awards are for the current season there is no carry over. Votes where cast for what people saw on the court this year. Coach Jones is more than worthy of being named Coach of the Year. She deserves this award.

  3. @Brian……well I make my point with facts and numbers, you come back with opinions. I asked a question on how this coach of the year is determined and you say I’m crying foul. Justify your stance logically or don’t say anything.

  4. I am assuming that “Tracy Burnett” is related to Shaylen Burnett from SA. If you are related to Miss Burnett, then I would suggest that you may be doing her more harm than good asking and stating these type of questions and making the type of comments that you are making. It is rarely good for a parent to directly “attack” the public. The only time that I think it was good or made sense was about 2 years ago when PJ’s mom called out a few blogs concerning some unnecessary comments made about PJ. Otherwise, I think it is a bad idea for parents to try defining their kid on this site using their actual name. Why not go with “SA fan or supporter” ?

    I am willing to bet your mortgage that none of these voting coaches reviewed any stat’s, articles on any of the candidates nor did they call Andy and ask for his “professional” opinion. They made a judgement call based on what they remembered about the year and their own personal opinion which may or may not have matched the actually stat’s.

    Every league has players and coaches that should be on the team or just get the award because they were on the deepest/best team for that year.

  5. The topic in Question is “coach of the year”…. I ‘m not saying that the coach from page is not deserving of this award….I’m saying that the numbers say that the SA coach made bigger strides with his team thus more deserving. Why do you think Leonard Hamilton of FSU got coach of the year? The answer is simple……it seems like acknowleding it is what proves difficult. I will not hide behind a pen name….if you have to do that then I think you should keep your opinion to yourself. I do appreciate the advice though,really thanks.

  6. Ms. Burnett,

    You want facts? Well, the facts are that the coaches in the league vote for these nominations; therefore the coaches in the league must have thought the Page coach was more deserving. That is your fact.

  7. Did the coaches really vote for her? I’ve heard some things that make me question that and Coach Jones’ integrity.

  8. Tracy- Im not defending Coach Jones or anyone else coaching or playing but lets be honest here. Do you really think Coach Bogs is responsible for the remakable turnaround or did the addition of an extremely talented pg have something to do with it? Your daughter’s gotta be one of the best players in the state in the girls game. She plays like a guy (i mean that as a huge compliment) and dominates every game almost by herself. Im not saying Coach Bogs isnt a really good coach just pointing out the fact that without your daugher SA finishes near Grimsley at the bottom again. If the District 6 player of the year transferred into Grimsley they woulda won 15 or more games this year instead of going 2-19.

  9. I was 4-0 in conf, 8-2 overall, mvp of the conference tournament, beat the state runner up 3-0, 2nd team all state and I didnt make all conference…. It happens, move on. I got the last laugh though as the coach got fired and I played 3 years of D1 ball.

    Vegas Mike

    P.S. As much as this taste like vinegar, I think SA and your daughter will get their fair share of awards, we all know she can play.

  10. I agree with Mr. Burnett, let the facts be the determining factor and nothing else. Leave politics out of the picture and let productivity become the mouth piece. Technically, I agree that Southern Alamance had the greatest turn around and they had the most overall productive player in the conference. If that is not how to go about in selections, then what do they go by?

    One other thing, 5-7 point scores are not all conference first team. Choose top five and then either have second team or honorable mention. It becomes watered down when it looks like everyone makes it and sends the wrong message.

  11. I am a person that just believes in giving credit where credit is due, Coach Boggs has coached my daughter as well as a few others on the team and around the county on the recreation level,AAU level and now on the high school level…..He has, as well as others been an integral part in her developement.She has always been a part of the Southern Alamance basketball program with the exception of her freshman year in which she wanted to play at RMA with her sister, had that not happened, do I think that their record from the 2010-2011 season would have been better? The answer to that is yes….thus no “remarkable turnaround”.. I know what Ron Boggs brings to the table, I have witnessed the time he has invested in my daughter and the others on our team and I just feel strongly that he earned that award(recognition).Talent comes and go’s as with all teams, but it’s the COACH that has to use it when it’s there and deal with it when it’s not, with the same vigor….Ron Boggs does just that. I do understand that “you can’t win them all” but I also know that “Silence is acceptance” and I must be heard. So thank you Coach Boggs, as far as i’m concerned you are the 2012 COACH OF THE YEAR!

  12. I agree with “Mike – Vegas Mike” that great players will get the final laugh. They will move on to bigger and better opportunities down the line. It is always great to get all of the trophies, ribbons and awards along the way but in the end getting college covered within your preferred sport is a win win for the kid, the parents and the greater community. The only thing that really counts is your kid having fun and enjoying their time with their friends and teammates. If the answer is yes, then you and your kid have already won the important rewards.

  13. This is why people hate Duke, UNC, Red Sox, Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and Notre Dame – they grow to hate their fans. I don’t have a dog in the fight but all year I have heard nothing from the SA fan base but crying over this game or the other, why this coach or player got something that a SA player did or did not get. Dudley and GDS are the long standing basketball programs that people love to hate but I believe Southern Alamance is trying to join the club. Here is an award for Southern Alamance that I believe you all desire “The Cry Bady Award”. I have a feeling that you all will be a repeat winner for the next couple of years.

  14. Going against the status quo is now considered crying. I too don’t have a dog in this fight but this is a “Legitimate gripe”. I applaud you Mr.Burnett for standing for your convictions. The ones that refuse to look at this objectively, are the same ones that can’t accept change on any level.Standing up for yourself and your team with facts to back you up and you call this crying? Unbelievable.

  15. This is all just crying, crying and more crying. What about the parents out there felt their daughter should have made the 1st or 2nd team all conference ? Should they be on this site fighting for their kid after the vote? The Page coach won the award, and some of you think the SA coach clearly should have won the award (all SA fans only from what I can tell). But what about the Southeast coach – that team came out of nowhere and did some really good things this year with far less talent than Page or Dudley. What about the Dudley coach – with the talent lost from last years team and their best player going down early, they still won the regular season. Why not have a debate from the Dudley and SE fan bases about their coaches winning the award? They are not having this debate because they know it will not change at this point and they are comfortable in their own skin. The vote is over and all you can do at this point is poison the waters for the future.

  16. I normally don’t comment on this site but since on March 15, 2012 @ 11: 53 am…Did they really? made a bold unwarranted statement which appears to be based on hearsay that draws Debbie Jones integrity into question, so I am complied to comment. Debbie Jones has been at Page as either the assistant or head coach for 14 years. In all that time, I have never witnessed any action or heard one rumor that would call her integrity into question. In reality quite the oppose happens with Debbie. I have seen how Debbie responds and accepts responsibility (for herself and her team) when issues arise. Some coaches give lip service to being a student (athlete) advocate, Debbie Jones lives and breathes her role (365 days a year) as leader of Page’s Woman’s basketball program. Debbie isn’t perfect just like the rest of us. I have seen her make professional decisions giving credit to players/coaches on other teams that made me wonder if those decisions may have in fact been disadvantageous to Page players. Debbie made those decisions based upon her integrity, love of the sport and her maturity as a person to recognize excellence in others. I suspect you have never had a meaningful conversation with Coach Debbie Jones, because if you had spent some time with her you would have come away after that conversation with a different impression of Debbie. An impression than would have never let you publish a statement calling her integrity into question. I have been in the athletic business a long time and recognize (and accept to some degree) that everybody has their opinions (whether entitled to them or not) about players, coaches, officials, parents (and even Athletic Directors). However, I will never accept passively when people verbally attack or insinuate statements that are hurtful or damaging to people I’m responsible for here at Page High School. Can you only imagine what an amazing society we would have if people were held truly accountable for their words and actions? Words and actions that were based on facts not negative intentions. Feel free to reach me at 336/370-8730 ext. 6. I won’t be hiding my remarks behind a fictitious name!

  17. @Ricki From last years team Dudley lost

    Kierra McGivor- Radford Unuversity
    Desiree Drayton- UNC Charlotte
    Chelle Jackson- playing JUCO BB
    Denika Hardin- St. Augustines

    All playing college basketball and Ebona Goins tore her ACL in the 6th game of the season before conference play even started. So to say that Dudley didn;t loose anything is an understatement!

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