Some of the College Numbers we have come up with on the Baseball side

We will be adding more as we have more to time to hit the research button, but here are few of the numbers that we have come up with so far and we will be adding as you send us more…..

We all know and have been hearing about Macon Smith(WG) with his 8 Home Runs for Guilford College…..Also for Smith in 19 games:5 Doubles…19 runs….27 RBI….And .413 Batting Average

Josh Tobias(SEG) with the Florida Gators(16-1) .225 average with 16 games and 14 starts with 14 runs scored and 2 Doubles and 1 Triple…..

Brock Hudgens(SWG) with the Charlotte 49ers….Pitching 1.42 ERA and 11 K’s and 3BB’s….4 GAMES with 6 1/3 Innnings and 7 hits allowed and 2 runs allowed…

Luis Paula(NEG) with the UNC Tar Heels….7.04 ERA with 3 games and 2 starts…(0-1) overall with 7 2/3’s innings, including 5BB’s and 6 K’s……

George Carter(Northern) with the UNC Tar Heels….1/3 inning with 1 gm. and 1 hit allowed…..

DeSean Anderson(Ragsdale) with Rockingham Community College…..9 Games with a .333 BA, 1 Double, 1 Triple, 1 HR and 5 RBI…..

We will be looking for more numbers and more players as time allows and if names and info, send it our way to the site or to…..That’s….


  1. Macon is playing right now. They are in rain delay at the present. When they resume and start playing again, Macon will be attempting to hit for the cycle as he already has 1B 2B and a 3B!

  2. They are not going to resume and the game is a final 14-0 Quakers. So close for Macon!

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