The Rain was up 1-0 when the bottom fell out:Games are being cancelled and postponed already!

Do we have word on other games? The five o’clock meetings have been washed out….

Today already:
Ragsdale @ Grimsley cancelled tonight.

Upcoming:Smith @ Grimsley 5 PM tomorrow night……


  1. That was without a doubt the quickest cancellation of a baseball game I have ever seen. Had a little thunder and lightening about 10 minutes before the 5 o’clock gametime that sent everyone to cover. Started raining at about 5 and lasted for about 15 – 20 minutes. Again, the thunder and lightening lasted a little longer.

    Ragsdale coaches and players sought shelter on the bus and while they were waiting it out, Coach Simmons sent the umpires home and told them the game was cancelled. Decision made about 5:15. Game could have been played with a little patience. Field was in better shape after the rain than it was before as the rain served as a pre-game watering.

    Not sure everyone wanted to play the game. After having the pitching staff pummelled last night giving up 16 runs and with a chance to get out of the cellar tomorrow night with a conference game against Smith, the pitching staff for the Whirlies was running a little thin.

    Game could have been played if they had waited it out a little bit. Oh well.

  2. Heck, I drove to Grimsley, pulled in the parking lot and wondered if I had the wrong time. The pavement wasn’t even wet. However i do understand that parts of Greensboro saw rain yesterday. I think the issue was more thunder and lighting and the threat of the weather getting worse.

    Not sure either team had the pitching for that game. grimsley used a bunch of pitchers earlier and they have a conference game tonight. Ragsdale used Horkey, Timmy A. and Carstens Tuesday and they have a non-conf. game tonight. We would have probably had to throw a younger guy or bring a player or two up from JV.

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