Hall of Champions Falling Short according the FRONT PAGE News & Record report

For a lot of folks, this is pretty much “I told you so”. The ACC Hall of Champions has not quite lived up to the hype and finally folks are scratching their heads “why”? It’s not even drawing people to the exhibit hall when the coliseum is filled with basketball fans.

Is $5.00 too much? Is the facility too small (Matt Brown wanted it located in the Canada Dry building)? Is the website helpful? Is it open enough?

WHY? WHY? WHY? Thousands of tax payer dollars as well as thousands of private dollars are being dropped into this facility, over and above the coliseum’s massive red budget.

Folks times are changing and museums, “halls” and encyclopedias are a thing of the past. When your exhibit is under glass, it might as well be on-line, under the “glass” of a computer screen. Active participation – play and learn – activities are driving the attendance to the Greensboro Children’s Museum, as well as many other similar type facilities. The ACC Hall of Champions has a basketball goal or two, so does Chucky Cheese – where are you going to take your kid?

As with many other museums, the ACC Hall of Champions must find it’s niche. Fortunately, the coliseum has plenty of unused space, so it is not like they will be forced to relocate anytime soon.

Have you attended? What did you like? If you have not attended, why not?


  1. Can you buy memorabilia and souvenirs at the ACCHOC? I was noticing the other day that the Natural Science Center’s very bad website is missing out on a revenue stream by not making their museum shop items available for purchase online and I see the ACCHOC’s website does not either. There may be some licensing issues, but surely the one and only HOC should have some ability to negotiate the sale of replica jersey’s and the like. Hell, Carolina #23 alone could probably erase the entire coliseum deficit.

  2. That’s a GREAT IDEA! Especially since the Conference Store closed on Bridford Parkway a while back. Of course, the Hall of Champions isn’t really that big to host replica exhibits and replica jerseys at the same time. But as I said, the Coliseum has extra space that is un-used. The Coliseum Gift Shop might actually be a good idea. Many times, the coliseum has to set up tables for merchandise sales – a permanent store would solve that issue.

  3. Why is this a surprise? The ACC has lost it’s way just the way sports in general has. The whole colisrum should be viewed as a business including evaluating ROI. ROE, “return on emotion”, is all that seems to matter. I would challenge the city fathers to question these “economic impact” associated with all of the projects we continue to invest in to preserve Matt Brown’s legacy. Break even economics is not good enough for a facility that requires continuous investment in maintenance, that I will guarantee foes not have a “rainy day” find. We need scrutiny and additional oversight, ’cause there will be another big bill for us again sion. Mark my words!!!!!

  4. Greensboro’s John Isner beats the top-ranked tennis player in the world and there’s not a word on this website about it. But you can read about Guilford College men’s and women’s tennis here. Go figure.

  5. I think Matt Brown is a smart man and we are lucky to have him. He does not mind thinking outside the box and trying new ideas. Some are going to pay off and some are not that is just business or just add to the buzz around the country about Greensboro. The Aquatics Center, the HOF, and the ampitheather I think are great ideas that add to the quality of life of many residents of Greensboro. I did say many not all. As far as wasting money it depends on the individual. For example if we left it up to the old farts in the community we never spend a dime on schools because “My kids are grown and gone”. I will never forget this being said while an elderly couple were deciding in the voting booth whether to vote on a school bond.

  6. You don’t never hear John Isner talking about his homees….His senior year in high school he spent it playing traveling tennis and it is almost like he is from Greensboro, Georgia, instead of Greensboro, N.C…….Charlotte follows him closer than we do here and we are his homees…..THe Hall of Champions is all window dressing for the Coliseum and the ACC…Makes you look good while the visitors are town for the basketball and it doesn’t matter if they go through the doors or not…The Greensboro Aquatic Center is the big attraction out at the Coliseum now and it can bring in visitors year-round and it does make us look real good…It stands out when you drive by down the street and see it from Lee..Kind of reminds me of of the Ripley’s Museum in downtown Myrtle Beach in it’s appearance….

    The Greensboro Aquatics Center gets my attention and the Hall of Champions does not…I already know about all of those guys anyway….The Coliseum is doing fine…The hit on the GAC and missed on the HOC….50% ain’t bad man…The Ampitheater will do OK if they put Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks outside….They will sell the place out and there will be people standing on top of the Beef Burger trying to see the show…..The Coliseum is doing great, go eat a Beef Burger and vote for Bill Flynn for Congress in the May Primary……I just gave you all, all of the insight you need for this week and now you can go eat two Beef Burgers….Need more help, stay tuned, I’ll be back for more on Monday…..You are welcome….

  7. BTW and I am back already, they will have torn down most of the exsisting Coliseum buildings within 15 years and when Bill Flynn gets elected we will have a new Coliseum….That’s it and I am out…..Need to go watch some Jim Rome re-runs….Rome is the best sports talk show host going today….

  8. Sorry Andy there is no way I would vote for anyone but Howard Coble in every election he is in and probably a few years after he decides not to run. He has done too much for this community, this state, and this nation not to earn my vote for him.

    I know Bill Flynn personally but sorry pal Flynn and Yow are running for name recognition not for the office. Even they know they do not have a chance against Howard. I would vote for Bill instead of Billy but not either Bill when Howard is in the mix.

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