Debbie Yow looking like a genius now!

N.C. State Athletic Director Debbie Yow(Gibsonville, N.C.) is looking like a genius now, but that was not the case just about one year ago, when she brought Mark Gottfried to Raleigh, to be the new N.C. State men’s basketball coach….

Mark Gottfried, wasn’t he the same guy that Gott-fired a few years back and ended up on ESPN picking up a paycheck for talking basketball, instead of coaching college basketball….

Didn’t Sean Miller from Arizona, Shaka Smart of Virginia Commonwealth University and Brad Stevens from Butler turn down the N.C. State job and didn’t Maryland’s Gary Williams put out a warning to many/other perspective coaches that might have been considering the N.C. State job, with the ‘Williams Warning’ of, “Don’t Go To N.C. State”……

Debbie Yow is looking like a genius now, with the Wolfpack’s almost sudden success in the NCAA Tournament and subsequent trip, to the NCAA round of Sweet 16….

Sean Miller, Shaka Smart and Brad Stevens aren’t anywhere to found on the Sweet 16 scene and N.C. State is making the trip to St. Louis, for a shot at another National Title…..

Got anybody on the line that is ready to agree with me today? Let’s all say it, all together now at this time, “Debbie Yow is looking like a genius now”….


  1. That is why the man on the 6 o”clock should be fired for not knowing what he is talking about.

  2. It is called resigning just prior to be fired or forced out. It saves the school on legal fees and it gives the coach the opportunity to restart somewhere else quicker. When the house is filling with smoke – you better have a plan for getting out. Resigning was his fire escape plan.

  3. None of you know what you are talking about. He wasn’t fired and wasn’t about to be fired. Yow knows what happened and why it happened. that is why she was confortable hiring him.

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