Kendall Marshall says he is ready, but will he be?

Kendall Marshall had that surgery this morning to repair his right wrist and they inserted a screw to eliminate mobility, so that wrist will have time to rest and then it can heal properly….Kendall Marshall is giving indications that he will be ready to go on Friday night against Ohio, but will he????? Only his doctors and coaches know for sure….Kenny Smith was telling us this weekend that he had a similar problem/injury back when he was at North Carolina and back in the day, Kenny had to miss 6-8 weeks….Times have changed and back then in Kenny’s day, they didn’t have the medical technology that we have today, but a screw in your wrist, is a screw in your wrist and if you come back too soon and hurt that wrist again, you are like that screw, you are messed up……Back in Kenny Smith’s day they didn’t have twitter either and today on twitter Kendall Marshall’s dad was giving his side of the story on the injury…..


Dennis Marshall,. the player’s father, tweeted Monday afternoon: “Coming off anesthesia… all Kendall keeps asking for is his teammates.” He also tweeted: “Get ready to hang another banner” in the Tar Heels’ arena.

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  1. Smith’s injury was to his shooting hand. There is also this entire displaced and non-displaced injuries stuff that may or may not be a difference.

  2. I’m hearing there may be some kind of lighter weight, molded, removable, plastic cast. I guess we will see soon enough.

    I’m betting on Sunday if they can get by Ohio w/o him on Friday. But wo knows.

  3. It looks like North Carolina is getting Stillman White and Justin Watts ready for the point and I wonder how close Dexter Strickland is to returning…Could he come back here at the end of the year, or would that be a threat to his chances to play next year after full recovery??? You want your team to be at full strength, unless they happen to be playing that team from over near the Crabtree Valley Shopping Center…..(That is the one in Raleigh, right? Currently Duke is not relevant…..)

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