Public School Basketball Girls Teams Final Grades

1. Southwest Guilford: The only team in the area to advance to the Regionals. After
a slow start the defending champions used their experience to dominate the
conference by going undefeated. Key players and Campbell University signees Zena
Lovett 16 ppg, Jessica Pone and Shanel Lawrence step their games up along with
stella play from Aja Mott and Briana Burgins caused the Cowgirls to go on a long
winning streak. Regular season, Conference Tournament and Sectional Tournament
champs says it all. They graded out with an A for final grade.

2. Southern Alamance: This team had the biggest improvement of any team that plays
in the area. The Alamance county natives came in and dominated the Metro Conference
Tournament at Dudley gymnasium led by Conference Tournament MVP Shaylen Burnett 17
ppg and Hollie Boggs. This team shut a lot of the conference critics up and were no
longer the doormat of the league. They knocked off Page in the second round to leave
no doubt and then took care of Southeast Guilford in a good conference championship
game. Any time a team can add a regular season or conference tournament championship
to their mantle, it speaks volumes. They graded out with an A for final grade.

3. Highpoint Andrews: All along this was a team that were improving with each
passing game. They used a nice core of players in OctoberCampbell, Cherish
Mcarthur, Imani Watkins, Santia Davis and crew. They put together a 13 game winning
streak and went undefeated in conference play before losing to eventual State
champion Jordan Matthews. Coach John Shearin should be area’s Coach of the year if
it does not go to Southwest Guilford’s Jessica Bryan. They graded out with an A for
the final grade.

4. Northwest Guilford: After a very slow start they finished strong led by
Springhill signee Natalie Harper and Alyssa Harper. They demonstrated that it is not
how you start but how you finish that gets you a high mark. They won 8 out of their
last 10 to finish second in conference play as well as playing for conference
championship against Soouthwest. A little better showing than the 60-37 loss to
Southwest Guilford would have given them a higher mark. However, by advancing to the
second round and losing by only 5 to Porter Ridge kept the grade in tact: They
graded out with a B for final grade.

5. Rockingham County: The team finished strong and raised their grade. The team was
led by North South Allstar,Elon signee Autumn Carter 18ppg whom team knocked off a
heavily favored Northern Guilford team in the Conference Tournament Championship
game. Prior to that they knocked off top seeded and State Champions runnerups
Burlington Williams. Winning those type of games down the stretch will always raised
a teams grade. They loss 66-60 in the first round of Sectional playoffs but won six
of their last seven games. Team was hovering around a less than spectacular grade,
but put in extra work to get extra credit to raise it. Final grade B-

6. Northern Guilford: The only reason they finished slightly below Northwest
Guilford even though they beat them 47-40 during the Pizza Hut Tournament is because
Northwest Guilford was not playing well at that time and Northern Guilford was. Plus
Northern Guilford had a greater opportunity to win many more games that they
continually came up short. They had great play from All Conference performer Alexis
Robinson, Amanda Coffer and Aliyah Grinage. Got some good games from Freshmen Sidney
Wilson. If this team had at least reached the Sectional Finals or had won the
Conference Tournament which they were in position too before a last second shot by
Rockinham 42-41 whom finished 5th, their grade would be higher. They graded out B-
for final grade.

7. Southeast Guilford: This was a tough grade primarily because this team started
fast, had a tremendous slump but had some sort of redeeming grace during the
conference tournament just to make the playoffs. They got solid play from Kenya
Hailey and Kara Shutt along with Kayla Upshaw whom all played a key role in knocking
off regular season conference champion Dudley. During the conference tournament they
had a mental edge against Dudley in which they could have won all three games. They
ousted Dudley during the tournament and just came up short against Southern
Alamance. They did make the playoffs but ran out of gas in a topsy turvy season
losing to Mt. Tabor 52-40 whom did advance deep into the playoffs. If they had not
recover during the tournament after the hot start their grade would be a failing
grade. They graded out with a B- as final grade.

8. Page: This team had a solid year and for the first time in several years, they
finally won 20 games or more. They have the most celebrated and marquee player in
the area in All State ,Conference Player of the year and Pizza Hut MVP Paris Kea 12
ppg and good solid play from the likes of Kayla Johnson, Cheslsey Coleman and Aletta
Smith. Winning the Pizza Hut Tournament does not carry as much wait as being regular
season or conference torunament champs. So far that has not happen for Page. During
the conference tournament Southern Alamance led by Shaylen Burnett and Hollie Boggs
beat them 51-48 after Page had toyed with hapless Grimsley 54-25 in the first round.
They won the first round of the Sectionals before losing to Mt. Tabor 63-60. Final
grade would have been higher if they had won either the regular season championship
or at least made it to the conference tournament championship. Neither occured:
Final grade C

8. Dudley: The most talented team did not close the deal. They however won the
regular season championship. They had solid play from the likes of Lakiya Rouse 11
ppg, Essence Abraham, Makala Rouse and Moriah Davis. Dudley showed very
inconsistent play down the stretch and poor decision making and ill advised shots
during critical moments in close games. Dudley teams of the past had the luxury of
pressing and stealing balls that usually derailed many teams. Now other teams have
closed the gap and it must adapt more to better execution and showing a greater
ability to knock down shots. They are still the team to beat provided the interior
play of Akela Maize and Kennedy Currie continues to improve. 19-7 was not a good
record for a team that had the ability to go deep into the palyoffs. They loss in
the second round to Mt. Tabor on their own home court as well as to Southeast
Guilford during the second round of the Conference tournament. Early in seasn
they were at an A. Final grade is a C

9. Eastern Guilford: A team that finished again above expectations. The team went
8-6 in conference play and loss some close matches against the conference elite
teams Williams (26-4) 63-56 in double overtime and Northern Guilford (21-8) 63-56 in
double overtime, Eastern Alamance (17-10) 46-43, Rockingham (18-10) 44-39 loss and
58-56 loss in conference tournament, Loss to Chapel Hill (27-2) 62-51 after being
only down by 2 points with three minutes left in first round of sectional’s going in
as a 16th seed. All conference Karima Jackson 13 ppg , Whitney Parks, Carryl Alston,
Kierra Poteat and freshmen Callie Patterson and Ariel Shears provided solid play. A
team loaded with freshmen and sophomores finishe 14-12 and should improve next
year. Final grade C.

10. Smith: A team that should have been around the A mark as far as grades go but
came up short again. This team played very well at times and then came unglued
several times at the wrong time. Granted they finished with a respectible 15-11
record, 6-6 conference record good for 4th place in a conference that was there for
any teams taking. Brandi Robinson 11.5 ppg gives them hope going into next year. Jo
Jo Phillips had her best year, her senior year. During the season they had Southeast
Guilford number whom were leading at theconference at the time, but got hammered in
the first round of the conference tournament 52-25 when it counted the most. Smith
never had a player that really stepped up to the challenge during critical times. A
grade of C- is really a gift in that no less than a B should be accepted.


Western Guilford: High marks early and totally Collapsed down the stretch.
Southern Guilford: Much more work needs to be done and could reach higher marks next
Grimsley: Extra tutoring is a must and growth should come just by improving by a
game or two!
Highpoint Central: A lot of homework needs to be assigned!
Ragsdale: see Highpoint Central


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  2. On the voting for Public schools best girl and boy, are Lakayla Rouse from Dudley girls and Sam Hunt for the boys winning? If not why? GO PANTHERS!

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