Wade said he wanted to be paid:Should athletes be paid for their participation in the Olympics?

Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat said yesterday that he wanted to be paid if he played on the the U.S.A. Basketball team in the Olympics here in 2012….

Should Wade and others be paid for their participation in the Olympics???

Aren’t there plenty of other NBA players out there, that would be willing to play and represent our country for FREE and they would not be charging for their services?????

Wade came back today and said today that “I don’t want to be paid to go to the Olympics”……

Cann you jus take back what you already said yesterday? It is like we now know how Wade really feels based upon what he said back on Wednesday…..Wade is coming out and saying, “I take it back, I take it back”, cause he has hurt his image and now he is doing a quick reverse and trying to repair that image…..By the way, Ray Allen of the Celtics, said he wants to get paid too…..Got to be some other NBA players that really want to play in this event, the Olympics of all things…..

Wade at ESPN.com today:
Wade said Thursday that he was responding to a question about Olympians being paid, and never said he needed to be paid to play.

Wade later tweeted that pride for his country “motivates me more than any $$$ amount.”


  1. Ray Allen said it too.

    And they should absolutely NOT be paid. If playing for their country is not enough then they should just say “no thank you” to any offer to play on the team. The main argument is wear and tear on their bodies. Then just don’t play. Getting paid won’t reduce the wear and tear.

    There’s plenty of other players to choose from that would be willing to play.

    NBA – Just a bunch of greedy boys making rediculous money to play a game.

  2. There is something to be said for Patriotism….Maybe Coach K will work for FREE too and maybe he should, with all the endorsements he already has…..Maybe Nike or Gatorade will sponsor the team and that way the players and the coaches could get paid and throw ESPN in there too…They along with ESPN and ABC will surely be showing these games, but maybe NBC has still has the contract and I think they still do and who on NBC can call/announce these games????? The best announce team that NBC ever had was Dick Enberg, Billy Packer and Al McGuire and they did college basketball….I guess they used to have Mike Breen and the NBA crew doing games and Marv Albert did them for a while….Marv Albert and YES! And I guess Bill Walton was there too at one time….

    .Man for the memories of 1972 with Doug Collins, Mike Bantom, Tom McMillen, Tommy Burleson, Kevin Joyce, Ed Ratlef, Hank Iba and that crew and back then you didn’t get paid…..You either got ripped off by the Russians or you got shot in Munich……

  3. Let’s also remember that the athletes do get paid if they medal.

    The NBA players just want to be paid more. It’s greed.

  4. Wade does not need to get paid. Same for Ray Allen, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul and all of those NBA players. It should be an honor for them to represent the United States.

    Let some of the college and high school kids play or use retired NBA players such as Bird, Magic, Michael and Shaq. I bet that they could still get it done and that they would do it for free.

    Love of God and your country men!

  5. Absolutely not. Matter of fact… disqualify him now. I’d rather go back to losing with college kids again than pay the pros. PERIOD. If playing for your country isnt enough then nothing will EVER be enough. I hope the NBA fans BOO the crap out of him everywhere he goes for the remainde for his career. But they wont.

    If they pay these guys…. I will not watch one second of Olympic Basketball.

  6. How do you know they wouldn’t give the salary to a charity. This is the USA! Land of “if doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense.” Please

  7. I imagine if they were stupid enough to pay them, athletes from other sports would file lawsuits to get paid as well.

  8. Go back to using the amateurs. At least that way we win or lose honestly.

    The pros are a bunch of crooks.

  9. NBC won’t even let ESPN show highlights of the olymic events! I think that the reason he(Wade) said that was because there are alot of people making money off of them, so why not get paid? Most people don’t even care about the olympics anymore and who cares if we beat some country we can’t prononuce by 50 points? People try to bash Wade and the other players, but most of you wouldn’t vonlunteer over a month for anything! These pros volunteer all the time, have free clinics in the offseason for kids, and sponsering teams. The NBA has the NBA cares program and all the players participate! What do all of you do to give back to society?

  10. There’s only one man you can trust in a situation like this…..Has Charles Barkley made a statement and what did he say?????

  11. @BBall fan… my work has no off-season. I don’t make thousands of dollars an hour to play a game. When I do, I’ll volunteer months at a time instead the few hours a month I currently do.

    The greedy NBA players should just come out and say “I’m not playing for free so let someone else”. Instead, they are campaigning to get paid to play. Greed is not letting them just decline gracefully.


  12. MIM… this is america, of course greed has something to do with it, but I also feel that alot of these companies are making money off of their popularity and if they speak out they are considered unpatriotic. I feel that alot of these sports stars came from nothing and through hard work (and some luck too) have been able to live the american rags to riches dream! Instead of being happy for most of these people, most of us are a bunch of haters!
    At work we have convesations like this all the time and I will hear someone say, “These players are getting too much money!”. I always dissagree with them because in this country, the things that we value the most are money and entertainment! I respect what you said, but if there are companies profiting off of the olympics, players should get paid! Now if all the proceeds are going to a good cause, I will be on your side with this issue.
    Please reply, this is fun!

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