‘Between the Lines’ with High School Baseball Today

Dudley at Southeast Guilford 7pm….One of the biggest in the state today when you have Corey Kimber from Dudley, facing Dallas Newton of Southeast Guilford…..K’s might be the order of the day…..
Ragsdale at Northwest Guilford 6pm….Time to rev up the arm of Keaton Haack for NWG and begin the playoff push….
Glenn at Southwest Guilford 7pm….Big one here too as all the teams start to make their run at the Piedmont Triad 4-A Title….
Northeast Guilford at Ledford 7pm…..Leford defeated NEG in the first meeting at Northeast and now NEG has Caleb McCann, Josiel Colon and Jaylin Davis all back at full-strength….
Southern Alamance at Western Guilford 7pm….SA won the fist go-around down in Graham and now Western has a chance with probably Nino Marrero on the mound to make up for that 5-4 loss that got away from the Hornets back in March…
Smith at Page 7pm….Smith beat Page in the first encounter of these two teams and can it happen again???
High Point Central at WS Parkland 7pm….Not a Hansen Butler-type game…Should be either Trevor Gay or Josh Wilson out on the mound for HPC…
Western Alamance at Eastern Guilford 7pm….Time to find out if there are any Wildcats left in the house……In many ways a house that Holleman and Hunt built coaching over at the EGMS back in the day……
Southern Guilford at North Forsyth 7pm….Must-wins the rest of the way for SG….
Burlington Williams at Morehead 7pm….Williams has been a bit of a skid and the Bulldogs will try and change that tonight….
McMichael at Eastern Alamance 7pm…Had this one typed in earlier and the computer spit it out…This is a biggie for EA and for McMichael, they want it all…..
Caldwell Academy at Trinity School of Durham 4:30pm….The Eagles have been on a slow-down and they will look to get back headed in the right direction today…

******These games were played on Monday and there is an outside chance that might be playing again today…..*****
High Point Christian(14) at Greensboro Day School(1) 4:30pm
Wesleyan(8) at Calvary Baptist(3) 5pm
Rockingham County(3) at Northern Guilford(7) 6pm


  1. McMichael vs EA tonight.

    Eagles have dropped three in a row and will try and get back on track against the very tough Phoenix. McMichael won the last one with a walk off in the seventh after EA scored two in the top half to take the lead. Should be another good one in Mebane.

  2. There will be scouts coming in from all over the state to see this one….Newton vs. Kimber alone will have some fans wanting to pay on the way in and then again on the way out after this game….In Kimber, Newton and then you factor in Haack at NWG, we have three of the top pitchers in the state right here in North Carolina….Newton to North Carolina, Haack to Alabama and Kimber looking at some stage of the MLB Draft in June…..

    I’m sorry you missed the earlier memo….This is the big-time and we are right in the middle of it…..No need to stay home and wash your car, head on out to the game…..(It’s going to rain later on tonight any way.) Time to get with the program, Dudley at SEG tonight…..The game within the game with Kimber’s and Newton’s pitching efforts should be very interesting….Not just all based on W and L…Much more that that to it….Ask the scouts that have been following these kids every game all season long and they will tell you…..I bet I’ve seen a lot of the same scouts attend at least 10 or more of their games this year…….

  3. Kimber is not pitching for Dudley, they are saving him to beat Western to try and make playoffs, SEG will win by at least 10.

  4. That could change everything, but I would think if Kimber was right and on a given night, Dudley could still beat SEG…It was a 2-0 game in favor of SEG at Dudley and Dudley lost by something like 8-5 and they were up early on WG at WG….Dudley had a chance beat Western at Western and Kimber did not pitch in that one….

    If you are Dudley, why wouldn’t you approach it thinking we can win both of these…….KJ McCallister can bring it and Kevin Murphy might go or could go against Western and the young lefty that Dudley used against Northern Guilford, he wasn’t all that bad…..(William ‘Eli’ Fuller)

    I am just here to paint the picture as we head to the ballpark and we paint a very detailed piece of art on the way in……

    In the end we all just have to wait and see……

    Do you go at if you are Dudley thinking we can take two of these or do put all of your eggs in a later basket and save them for WG…..

    Should be interesting and gives us plenty to talk about on the way…..And it is always just talk, the coaches have the final say on what will be happening today and the next day too for that matter…..

  5. With Kimber pitching I would only give dudley 10 percent chance of winning, they have injuries and they are just not very good. SEG is a good high school, I think 8 of their nine starters could play some level of college baseball. Don’t know what Dudley has to do to make playoffs but they really can’t compete with Southeast

  6. If I can remember correctly western guilford is in first in the 4-a metro conference. They are the team to beat in that conference. Kimber or not dubg will win tonight and friday

  7. The only game that is important for Western right now is Southern Alamance. If we start looking down the road, then that’s exactly where we will be!!!

  8. Dudley was in that game with Randleman last Friday night at NewBridge Bank Park and it was 3-2 Randleman up in the middle innings with Kimber going for the Panthers….If Kimber is strong, he can carry you a long way….

    Good valid conversation working here and that game next week with SEG at WG will be very big too…..8-0 WG over SEG at Southeast and WG is on top in the league at this moment and let’s don’t forget about Southern Alamance….They always get hot here late in the season and on another footnote, Dudley beat Southern Alamance earlier with Kimber working……WG, SEG, SA, Dudley…..It is still a horserace….

  9. Anyone wanna forecast or predict which league has more teams go deeper in the playoffs? My bet between the Piedmont Triad and Metro would be the PT…..in a landslide! It will be a miracle if more than one Metro team gets past the 1st round……

  10. I say both conferences(Piedmont and Metro) has two teams get past the first round. The Metro will have a team go deeper. Southeast will make a very deep run in the playoffs. I also like SW guilfords pitching but there hitting may not hold up in the playoffs

  11. The metro certainly has more than one team hat can get past the first round. I like SE and WG as the two most probable, but SA and Dudley could also make a run. From what I’ve seen, I like the metro as the dominante conference, but I’m no expert.

  12. With over 30 years of baseball experience, I can honestly feel good about saying this! The Metro is a far less competitive league than the CPC, Southwestern and Piedmont Triad. Period end of story……And this is just an opinion….honestly hope the Metro does really well in the playoffs….got some good kids and coaches in the league!

  13. The piedmont may be more competitive, but I don’t necessarily believe that there is much of a difference in the talent of the top teams, as from what I’ve seen, southeast, western, dudley and southern alamance are some of the best teams around. Good luck to both of these conferences throughout the rest of the year.

  14. Two more pitchers out there that are attending College at the D1 level. Geoghean from Southwest Guilford(UNC- Charlotte) Orth from Southwest Guilford (UNC-Chapel Hill). Look for Hansen Butler from High Point Central to be next in line.

  15. @ anytakers. A miracle if more than 1 metro team goes past the 1st round?????? WG, SE, Dudley and SA can all make runs deep in the playoffs and I guarantee at least 2 teams win their first round games and could win much more than that. Out of the PT conf., NW and SW are the only strong teams and yes they are very good but that conf. does not have the talent 1-4 that the metro has. I’d take the metro over the PT…in a landslide

  16. Looks like the Metro and P. Triad will meet in the first round.
    Here is the bracket and seeding priority. (Home teams)

    4AWest Central Piedmont, Mega-­7, Mountain Athletic, Metro, Northwestern, Piedmont-­Triad, I-­Meck, Southwestern, Southern Carolina

    2011-2012 Baseball 4A West

    #1 Metro
    #4 Piedmont Triad

    #2 Central Piedmont
    #3 Southwestern

    #1 Piedmont Triad
    #4 Metro

    #2 Southwestern
    #3 Central Piedmont

    #1 Central Piedmont
    #5 Southwestern

    #2 Metro
    #3 Piedmont Triad
    #1 Southwestern
    #4 Central Piedmont

    #2 Piedmont Triad
    #3 Metro

  17. From a competitive standpoint and looking at some head to head matchups amongst teams from the Metro and PT…….it ain’t even close! You regularly (meaning every night) see games that are 4-3, 3-2, 2-1 in the PT and then you look at the Metro and the games are 11-1 or 12-1. I may have egg on my face come early May…..and I hope the Metro does well but the games being played in the PT are preparing them for the stress of playoff baseball……

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