Graham Sporting Goods(Famous for Stirrups) High School Baseball Tonight from GSPN

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High Point Central 8
High Point Andrews 1

Grimsley 14
Northwest Guilford 5

WP:Seth O’Fallon(Complete Game)
LP:Greyson Evans….Also Matt Bond and Christian Dix on the the hill for NWG…
HR:(Grimsley) DJ Reader(2)/2-run home run/2-3 Double…..Two-run Double Kory Shumate(Grimsley) 3-4…Pella Stokes 2-2/2 Doubles…
NWG:Keaton Haack Triple….Jackson Bellenkes Double…Marcus Shoemaker 2-4…Greyson Evans 2-3….

*****Page at Grimsley on Thursday night….*****

Game Call on tonight’s Grimsley-NWG game courtesy of GFan by text:
Whirlies win 14 to 5. ofallon complete game
14 to 5 grimsley top 6th. ofallon going for complete game
9 to 3 grimsley top of 5th
2 run HR by DJ makes it 5 to 3 Grimsley bottom 5 still with one out and bases
loaded. Ofallon pitching a great game.
Still 3 to 3 top 5th
3 to 3 top of 4th
3-2 NWG @ top 3rd
0 to 0 top of 2nd. DJ only hit so far with double off top of cf fence


  1. who is grimsley throwing tonight surely not reader he is in no shape to throw just coming back fom a foot injury? he can hit but pitching without any throwing to get his arm in shape would be costly. i am just curious? can some one help? i bet page is probably going to throw scofield again since he beat them last time. what do everyone think?

  2. gfan this is a big game grimsley isnt doing that well this year they can salvage a split with page , but to throw stoneman or whom ever they have would be a mistake . page will probably win and get a sweep when is the last time thats been done? saw where reader hit another home run last night at least everyone knows he can hit ,but can he pitch? if he does he want be out there long dont want to see this kid get hurt anymore this year he is a talent , and looks like he is a great young man. just dont want to see him get injured again.

  3. Grimsley is not the same team as Page saw in the first game. I wouldn’t bring out the broom just yet. Lately they have discovered some hitting and have not been making the errors like the ones that let Page squeek out a win in the first game.

    By the way I would advise Page players not to kick dirt on our firstbaseman tonight.

  4. dont know what your last comment meant but surely no one does that without an umpire getting involved. well nobody is same when you play each other again . things change, players change different make up. hope its a good game good luck to both teams , whomever is pitching for either side sure to be fire works. you hang it some one will bang it.

  5. In the first game this year, 9 errors by Grimsley beat Grimsley. Stoneman pitched a no hitter and got a no decision. That does not happen often.

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