More on Charlotte Catholic and other Catholic schools(Bishop McGuinness/Cardinal Gibbons) looking to stay in the NCHSAA


Charlotte Catholic joined the NCHSAA in 1967.

It joined the Rocky River 2A conference in 1972, and Catholic’s football team was 75-16-1 in league play through the 1985 season. In November of ’85, seven teams in its nine-team league asked the NCHSAA to remove Catholic from its membership over concerns with geographic boundaries.

In May 1986, with a three-fourths majority needed, 54 percent of member schools voted for change; 46 percent were against.

Now, 26 years later, Catholic – playing in a conference with Mecklenburg and Gaston County 3A and 4A teams – faces another vote.

The NCHSAA constitution requires a membership vote if six or more schools request an item be placed on a ballot. Salisbury, West Rowan, East Rowan, South Rowan, North Rowan and China Grove Carson, requested the vote.

“To me, it is a question of boundaries,” said Joe Pinyan, the Salisbury High athletics director and football coach. “Our students come from a specific area. Theirs do not. Their players can come from anywhere. It is not a level playing field.”

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  1. Solution to this and other problems.
    1.Continue to allow these private schools in the NCHSAA.
    2. Group them with any public schools that have magnet programs or benefit from a systemwide open enrollment policy.
    This will level the playing field.
    Schools with any type of enrollment advantages compete together for championships.(Private,magnet program schools,open enrollment etc)
    Traditional attendance zone schools compete only with each other for championships.

  2. On the surface that sounds like a very wise/smart declaration…..Very good proposal……

  3. I agree with Coach Blue as well. It makes sense. I haven’t heard this proposal before, but it seems very fair.

  4. My opinion is that if students are having to pay tuition to go to high school then it’s considered a private school and they should have to play in private school leagues.

  5. But……don’t just about every school have some type of program which allows out of district students in their school. So Dudley with the Academy, Grimsley with the IB program, Northern with the dance/arts program…….all would not be considered traditional attendance schools?

    I’m sure you might calls those “small exceptions”…..except if the star PG or QB is in one of those programs, it’s not so minor.

    You need to separate education from sports. Go to whatever school you desire, no limits….education must always be a personal decision. For sports…..not so much…….you have to play in your home district if you want to play. So if the Dudley Academy is best for you….great……but if live in Page’s district, you have to play basketball for Page if you want to participate in sports.

  6. Every school DOES NOT have a magnet program..
    The one where I work does not. We have lost many kids especially female athletes recently to other schools in this county that have such programs. It is not a bad idea to have a rule in place that one must participate in athletics at his/her attendance zone school when attending classes at a magnet. The problem with that idea is that the NCHSAA says no to it. the NCHSAA says play for the school where you attend classes. that is why I came up with my alternate plan.

  7. Schools such as Bishop, and others in Raleigh and Charlotte should be in private conferences competing with schools like Ravencroft, GDS, Providence, Wesleyan, etc.. These schools may not “recruit” officially but their parents are always out “recruit” potential talent to these schools. Yes – the school may be following all of the “official” rules but there are no rules for parents and school supporters. A school like Bishop gets a number of students from within their normal feeder system but they also get a number of girls far outside of those normal feeder system because of their programs in sports.

  8. Additional information.
    Wachovia Cup for overall athletic excellence in each classification.
    2007 Cardinal Gibbons 2A 1st place; Charlotte Catholic 3A 2nd place.
    2008 Gibbons 1st-2A; Catholic 1st 3A.
    2009 Same as 2008 for both schools.
    2010 Both are now 3A. Gibbons 1st & Catholic 2nd.
    2011 Same result as 2010.

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